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Hotel Reports and Management Database Solution Development

The client needed a set of reports developed and integrated into their solution to support the Hotel Life Cycle process, analyze and verify hotel status and provide well-presented and accurate statistical and financial information to internal staff and partners as well as to clients.

One of the objectives of outsourcing development was to reduce time-to-market availability of the reports while in-house IT team was lacking resources for such development due to being involved in other development and maintenance tasks.

Database Solution Development For Inventory and Data Management

During a continuous 3.5 year long effort, SoloSoft implemented a FileMaker Pro based database infrastructure with a set of modules designed to store, manage, and display client data.

Marketing Reporting solution development

SoloSoft developed an innovative reporting solution that accurately analyzed and displayed customer's campaign statistics. We were faced with challenges of counting traffic even when the tracking code wasn't functional, recording and separating IP addresses into internal, partner or other, and breaking down each report by employee, partner, and customer traffic numbers.

Business Management System

The client wanted to use latest technology to improve the business planning process by eliminating manual, paper-based processes.

Data Warehouse WAP database solution development

SoloSoft developed a database solution that helped mobile businesses respond quickly to system problems and bottlenecks and more efficiently manage the performance of applications.

Cell-phone Users Survey

Users Survey is a survey conducted among cell-phone users across the USA. The customer prepared a questionnaire and sent to external partners, that in turn then conducted the survey using this questionnaire. After the survey, our client's partners were sending all the responses to customer data warehouse as text files. Our customer system then loaded these files into an SQL Server database and generated all the reports after the relevant data validation and data linking.

Data Warehouse Reporting Portal

SoloSoft developed a portal that creates and views dynamic and static reports, exports them into PDF format, and authorizes user requests by using custom security features as well as Micro Strategy's Security.

Business Intelligence Platform Development

The customer needed rich data analysis and data mining capabilities of the platform that would enable their customers to empower all of the critical, timely business information tailored to their specific information needs.

SoloSoft developed a complete business intelligence (BI) platform that provides the features, tools, and functionality to build analytical applications.

Proprietary Database Development

Our developers in Europe have been working for a software company to develop a complex proprietary database (enterprise, mobile and embedded versions) for the last 10 years.

Our developers spent a lot of time making this database making it cross-platform for a wide variety of OS (WIN32, including Windows CE, NetWare, various versions of UNIX, OS9/9000, QNX, VxWorks etc.) that makes use of each system's advantages. The basic version of the developed database has the same interface on all platforms, which allows to easily switch from OS to OS. The database supports multiple hardware platforms: Intel, Sparc, MIPS, Alpha, VAX, ARM, SHx etc. The system enables transparent interaction between the client applications and the database server functioning in hardware and software environments

Database Synchronization Tools

Our developers in Europe have been working for a software company to develop a set of database synchronization tools for the last 10 years.

A database synchronization tool is a software complex for developers and administrators of distributed IT systems. It provides configuration, administration and two-way synchronization of data between servers, personal computers, mobile and embedded databases, and synchronizes databases of different vendors.

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