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Web Development Case Studies:

Enhancement System for Social Medical Community: Widget Development

Since many customers requested extended functionality beyond standard maintenance, the customer needed a communication mechanism for coordinating, monitoring, and scheduling all requested enhancements.

The system was implemented as a combination of widget integrated into existing platform, and admin portal allowing users of different types to perform various actions related to enhancement requests.

Ad management system development for internal administration

The company needed update their internal ad management / administration system with new one, scalable and robust, that meet current and future demands.

Technologies: PHP, PostGress, Zend Framework, Apache, JQuery library

Open Source development of a free video editing software

France Telecom needed a simple and efficient way to add videos to their portal without needing an IT department. SoloSoft created a powerful system to make it simple to create, add, organize, edit and manage media audio/video mixes.

Geo location dashboard development, realtime fleet mapping, geofencing

The solution allows users to utilize web based geospatial dashboards with Google maps and charts that are tightly integrated to enable powerful visualization, analysis and simulation of data in real-time.

THINKaha - ebook application

THINKaha is a client-server application with MySQL database on the back-end. It consist of the mobile (iPhone and Android) and web-based applications that provide e-books (valuable information in a fun, Twitter-brief format), and web-based administration tool.

The updates to THINKaha applications go live in real-time thanks to the company's hosted Content Management System.

Social Networking for FaceBook, Widgets and iPhone/Android

The main idea was to allow France Telecom customers to communicate via virtual phone numbers instead of their real phone numbers, which is keeping private. A customer may send text messages from his virtual number anywhere and receive replies on his cell/land line phones (via TTS), e-mail account, IM, on web or desktop widget, Twitter, or Facebook application.

Social Networking for Colleges and Non-Profits

The goal of the Social Networking System is provide a means to identify needs, opportunities, people, and resources around the world and provide the communication and tools to bring them together. The Connections Service enables efforts to achieve global impact. The Social Networking System offers a set of core services to the communities, organizations, and individual members it serves. It also offers a set of marketplace services that assist them in connecting merchants, sponsors, and member consumers and supporting commerce.

Technologies: ER model development: Sybase Power Designer, PHP IDE and debug tool: Nusphere PHPEd, Source and version control: Subversion, Bug Tracking System: Mantis

Third party products and classes: Google Data API, MCE WYSIWYG editor, Swfupload control, DHL API, Fedex API, USPS API, UPS API, Paypal API, GrabYahoo class, xlsWriter class, ABC Excel Parser Pro, PEAR library, GD2 PHP library, Wacko Wiki engine, PHPBB 3 forum engine, iLoop API, Vista gadgets API, Google Widgets, Yahoo Widgets.

Social Networking System for Custom Winemaking Community

The customer's company is the leader in the emerging Custom Wine industry. They enable individuals across the country to participate in high end winemaking - physically or virtually - by providing access to California's most renowned vineyards, professional winemakers and state-of-the-art equipment. Using their proprietary winemaking process, their customers have complete control over the style of wine and can choose their level of involvement in winemaking at their 16,000 square foot facility.

Tools and Technologies: Sybase Power Designer, Nusphere PHPEd, Source and version control system: Subversion, Bug tracking system: Mantis

Content management system for insurance company

The customer is one of the financial service providers in the USA with a large customer base with individual web accounts. The customer has a number of public and secured websites.

Content management portal/intranet for financial advisor

Our client was one of the largest financial services institutions in the United States. The company provides a range of investment management and other financial products and services and has more than 5 million customers in the United States and over 10 other countries.

"iTunes-like" Music Download Store

An iTunes type solution for music download.

Tools and Technologies: PHP/MySQL, Apache, SOAP

Social Networking Portal for Business Air Travelers

The solution which SoloSoft was contacted to develop is focused on connecting business air traveler itineraries.

Accounting and Administration System Integration for Transportation Industry

The client was looking for an outsourcing company to implement the necessary administration system automation and integration utilizing the existing system infrastructure. The new enhanced system needed to be able to scale as well as accommodate new functionality, such as reinsurance management, dealer sign-up workflow management, web-based reporting and further accounting system integration into the corporate framework.

Work Order, Maintenance and Service System

A flexible service management software and maintenance management software solution optimized to improve work order efficiency Public Works, Facilities, Fleet and other maintenance operations.

Tools and Technologies: .NET, IIS, MS SQL, Sybase, Oracle, C#, XML/XSLT, ASP.NET.

Tax Advisory Financial Portal

A financial Portal was designed for practitioners in the area of estate planning. This site would enable subscribers to illustrate very complicated estate planning ideas and techniques.

Tools and Technologies: Visual Studio.NET/ASPX/IIS/MS SQL/ Transact SQL, XML/XSLT, Flash

Intranet Portal for BioGenex

SoloSoft developed corporate intranet with Content Management System for BioGenex, Inc, a leading Bio Technology company based in San Ramon, CA.

Tools and Technologies: PHP/MySQL, Apache, Perl, Flash

Anonymous phone call service

Development of an anonymous/temporary phone number service. The premise is that a user signs up online, receive a phone number, tell us where they want their calls forwarded and they are on. In addition to actually receiving the calls on this new number, they can also come back to the website and review who call them and block specific callers.

Tools and Technologies: Asterisk - PBX machine. It provides Voicemail services with Directory, Call Conferencing, Interactive Voice Response, Call Queuing. MySQL Database server, Apache Web server, Linux, LinkPoint Payment system.

Online Lead Generation System for Mortgage Lenders, USA

The Mortgage Web Success Managed Web Site System is designed to be an all in one online lead generation system for mortgage lenders. The focus of the system is automating the entire process of setting up a web site with a direct response marketing approach.

Tools and Technologies: Microsoft Windows Server and Linux Fedora, MySQL, .NET Framework, C#, ASP.NET, PHP, Microsoft Visual Studio

Intranet Portal for LegalMatch

Tools and Technologies: ASP, MSSQL, Windows, IIS.

E-commerce solutions

E-Commerce online stores developed for retailers in different industries.

Tools and Technologies: XML/XSLT, ASP/ASP.NET, MS Windows Server Suite/SQL Server, Apache/Linux/PHP/MySQL

Business Card Management system

Business Card Management system (BisCard) is created to manage process of creation business cards and generation of source-form in PDF format for printing machines.

Online Dating Portal

Online Dating portal implementation for one of the leading Internet companies in US

Tools and Technologies: XML/XSLT, ASP/ASP.NET, MS Windows Server Suite/SQL Server, Apache/Linux/PHP/MySQL


A system of Web-oriented publication of periodical publications. The system unites advantages of up-to-date Media-technologies with habitual view of your favorites periodicals. It is the first commercial system introducing an Object Oriented content management model (ICM - Information Component Management) as opposed to the traditional Document Management model. This model provides new levels of access, use and management of information within documents.

Tools and Technologies: HTML, DHTML, J2EE, SQL, Oracle

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