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The telecommunication industry has grown and evolved at an incredible pace for the last 10 years, dramatically changing the way people communicate.
Telecommunication companies represent one of the most competitive and dynamic business markets in the world today. This puts communications service providers at center of the economic revolution, and opens perspectives for colossal business possibilities through wireless telecommunications and Internet services.

SoloSoft   is a leading global IT provider uniquely qualified to build, integrate and support business applications. We create systems that effectively meet the business requirements and innovations of telecommunication industry.

SoloSoft has worked closely with telecommunications industry's players; we've aided our clients in exploring new markets, developing innovative solutions, and improving brands.

Our expertise have helped some of the telecommunications companies leverage new technologies and transform existing business practices by implementing and integrating top-tier technology solutions.

Our experts provide the following services to our communications clients:

Case Studies for telecommunication companies

Social Connections Solution - Anonymous Phone Numbers

The main idea was to allow France Telecom customers to communicate via virtual phone numbers instead of their real phone numbers, which is keeping private. A customer may send text messages from his virtual number anywhere and receive replies on his cell/land line phones (via TTS), e-mail account, IM, on web or desktop widget, Twitter, or Facebook application.

Voice IP solution for Windows Mobile 6.0

The customer needed a mobile application to allow users to apply VoIP and different IM protocols and limit use of the GSM connection on the device with Windows Mobile 6.0. By default, Windows Mobile platform does not include support of these abilities. The application should allow users to call via SIP servers directly by pressing the "Call" button or launching the standard phone feature on the Windows Mobile 6 based devices (Smartphone and Pocket PC).

Data Warehouse Reporting Portal

SoloSoft developed a portal that creates and views dynamic and static reports, exports them into PDF format, and authorizes user requests by using custom security features as well as Micro Strategy's Security.

Data Warehouse WAP System

SoloSoft developed a solution that helped mobile businesses respond quickly to system problems and bottlenecks and more efficiently manage the performance of applications.

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We offer Outsourcing Practices in eight key verticals in the USA market, IT Solutions featuring state-of-the-art architectural and program management expertise, Financial Services, Healthcare and Insurance, Manufacturing & Logistics, Travel and Entertainment, Pharmaceuticals, Retail and Telecommunications.

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