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Video Editing Tool

Video Editing Tool

April, 2010

Customer: France Telecom - the main telecommunications company in France, the third largest in Europe and one of the largest in the world.

SoloSoft has designed and implemented a composite system that allows Orange's customers create their own video clips and publish it through social networks such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. It consists of a video mixer tool for Orange's customers and an admin tool for France Telecom staff to help manage and upload video files to the web site.

Tools and Technologies: Movie Masher Server; Movie Masher's flash applets that provide front-end tools for common video editing; Red5 media server; Nellymoser codec, ffmpeg video converter; Amazon EC2 i S3; Apache web server; OpenSSL; PHP 5 with the following modules: PEAR, curl, symphony, PDO; PEAR modules: Archive/Tar, HTTP/Request, Log; MySQL 4; Java, apache Ant.

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