IT Consulting Hourly Rates for Custom Software Development

Offshore Software Development and IT Consulting Rates

Offshore Custom Software Development Rate: $7,000per month
IT Consulting Rate: Application, Web, Mobile, VoiceIP, System and Embedded Development (J2EE/.NET/C/C++/PHP) $60 - 100hourly rate

Payment Structure for IT Consulting and Custom Software Development Services

SoloSoft IT Consulting offers three different payment options:

  • Time&Material Services at $50-100 hourly rate
  • Fixed project-based IT Consulting price ($60 - 120 hourly rate)
  • Fixed monthly salary for a Dedicated Development Developer price (for 4+ months, 3-20 developers) - $7,000 per month.

What is Dedicated Software Development Service at $7,000 per month rate?

$7,000 per Web Developer or Software Engineer a week in dedicated development center with full IT infrastructure, daily/weekly status reports, Online Bug Tracking Database, Project Management Intranet and US project manager coordinating the team activities (Dedicated Development Center).

SoloSoft’s software development process includes 3 phases:

  • Alpha version (Prototype/unit testing)
  • Beta version + testing
  • Release stage (Live/Production)

Billing approach for project-based IT outsourcing or consulting service

  • Down payment – 35%
  • Beta-development is completed before release to the client's side – 35%
  • Final payment within 30 days after project completion and release to customer servers – 30%.

For long-term project SoloSoft assign dedicated software developers which work for the customers until the full project completion, as well as for further product updates, redevelopment and customer support.


SoloSoft is always looking for other IT consulting companies in all top 10 US markets for long-term relationships to build a strong network of local project management offices to coordinate projects onsite!

Make 5 - 10% percent from any project or client referring to SoloSoft.

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