Offshore Development Model

Offshore Development Model

For projects that are less than 4 calendar months, SoloSoft usually delivers services completely offsite. For longer agreements, our consulting team typically use a mix of offshore and onsite consultants depending upon project requirements.

Taking advantage of the quality and costs of offshore software development, SoloSoft delivers solutions using onsite/offsite development model where certain phases of the project lifecycle are done with direct client interaction and the execution of pre-defined design specifications is performed by offshore team.

At least one local Project coordinators is usually onsite during the design phase of a project to interact with the client and fully understand and develop requirements and specifications. Most of these engineers return during the development period and for most of this phase the team is concentrated offshore although an onsite coordinator from SoloSoft stays with the client.
SoloSoft usually uses a small team of onsite consultants to deploy a solution.

By following most popular software development methodologies, we are able to drive project through all required milestones. Depending on the requirements of your project, we will begin in one of the following stages:

  • Analysis- Our US based project management team will work with you to develop documentation on the scope and requirements of your project.
  • Design - Working with our hand-picked offshore developers, we will develop the technical design specification for your project. The design documentation includes technology requirements, data modeling, object modeling, screen design, resulting in a blue-print for your project.
  • Development - Our US based project management team monitors daily the construction of your project, ensuring the quality of your project, as well as completion of milestones. You are kept involved in the status of the project, and as development progresses, have every opportunity to see and test the results.
  • Transfer - Your project goes through extensive bug testing and resolution. When satisfied, your project is deployed into your production environment

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