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Desktop Printer Driver Application Development

The rapid development of the Linux platform in the recent years lead to some problems associated with the absence of full support from some leading software companies. One of the leading electronic manufactures met the same issue. They contacted our team to develop a component for new printer line to have a printer connected to a Linux machine as a NetWare print-server.

The main challenge was that Novell provided development tools only for DOS and Win32, and does not document internal NDS components. There was a Novell client in Linux, but its capabilities were obviously not enough.

During Desktop Application Development, a fully functional version of the printer driver with native SPX support was developed. Since the documentation obtained from Novell was insufficient for this purpose, part of the required information was found out through reengineering.

Technologies: C, IPX/SPX, NetWare, NDS

Word to Mainframe Conversion Tool

SoloSoft team was contacted to start Desktop Application Development of a tool that converts WordPerfect and Microsoft Word files (text and formatting codes) created on desctop PC to a proprietary code. This proprietary code is used when displaying the document on the IBM mainframe with the customer proprietary tool. This tool allows preparing documents on your PC, using the word processing software of your choice. Using this tool, you can see how the document will look on the mainframe before actually uploading the document

Desktop Application Development of a Speech Recognition Software

SoloSoft developers were hired to develop several modules for English to Foreign languages and Foreign languages to English Desktop Application. This solution enables people who do not know the same language to talk without a translator using installed on notebook software. This application is built using an idea of recognizing and translating phrases instead of single words.

Porting Windows Subscription Manager Client to Desktop and Compact .NET platforms

This Desktop Application Development was done to port an existing Windows application named Subscription Manager Client to VC++ for the Windows platform and .NET Compact Framework for the Windows Mobile platform. The existing application was fully functional but it was written in VBScript (with a small amount of JScript), running in an HTA shell. The client data store was XML and a few XSLTs were used (primarily for sorting and filtering).

Tools and Technologies: Windows XP, Windows Mobile 2005, VC++, C#, XML/XSLT, MS Crypt API

Hands Free IP Phone Desktop Application Development

Design of 3D GUI for IP phone and its integration with legacy modules; code redesign.

Technologies: C, Visual C++, 3D Max

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