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Solosoft offers Offshore Development Center Services

Solosoft is one of the major players in Europen software development market. We offer one of the most popular services in Offshore IT Outsourcing market - Offshore Development Center in Europe (ODC). Boosting the scale of your IT development, Offshore Development Center will help you to save up to 60% of IT spending by cutting down employment costs, contract and project execution.

ODC is a dedicated, customized, and secure Software Engineering Center that follows client's practices, methodologies and culture.
It is an extension of your organization in Europe leveraging vast resources of technically qualified and trained IT resources and established infrastructure available in Europe at competitive price. SoloSoft ODC services help you to avoid concerns about incorporation procedure, or legal fees, payroll, legal compliance, long-term office leases, security etc, but full control over intellectual property generated without enormous investments. ODC means that you pay only for what you use - IT infrastructure, scalable technology resources, office administration, and no redundant expenses.
Our customers manage Offshore Development Centers as their own IT department with internal development schedules and deliverables, thus minimizing possible business risks.

Why Offshore Development Center with SoloSoft?

  • Focus on Core IT Competencies - Save on Cost of Appl. Development
  • Avoid Long-term Investments
  • Lower Business Risks
  • Best Practices from Leading European Development Company
  • Quick Return on Investment
  • Full Operational Control
  • Dedicated Development Team
  • Established IT Infrastructure
  • Access to the Best Talents in Europe
  • Flexible Pricing
  • Improved Product Release Time

What are the advantages of Offshore Development Center?

Many international corporations are establishing their on-site software development centers in Europe because of the unique value proposition such as - leverage of Europe's abundance of highly qualified engineers available at a competitive cost. However, to set up your own Offshore Development Center you would need to make long-term investments and deal with challenging issues of launching business in another country with different laws and regulations. Solosoft offers you better solution - immediate benefits of ODC without any long-term commitments or large investments.

The main advantages are:

  • Focus on Core IT Competencies
    Having delegated some of the projects to your Offshore Development Center, you will have available more time and resources of your IT department to focus on its most critical and value-adding technology tasks. At the same time ODC will drive your IT spending cost down by approx. 60%. By having that, on the same budget your IT output will grow dramatically, benefits being directly reflected in the bottom line of your business.

    Employment cost per U.S. software engineer (including operational overheads and employee benefits package including health insurance, 401k etc. Typically, a W2 salary of US software engineer in $100 000 results in more then $150 000 total cost per year.
    Cost per Offshore Development Center software engineer (including salary, ODC facilities and IT infrastructure.) is $30 an hour

  • Avoid Long-term Investments
    Being actually a branch of your business in Europe, ODC does not require any long-term commitments or up-front investments. But it saves you from a continuous headache about incorporation issues, establishing IT infrastructure, legal fees, payroll, legal compliance, long-term office leases, security etc.

  • Lower Business Risks
    Dealing with software vendors typically means spending much time on negotiations, requirements definition, and contract arrangements, which is usually associated with a great number of possible risks and project failures. Once you have chosen ODC as your reliable partner you will benefit from a continuous cooperation with one of the most successful European IT companies resulting in 40% savings in time on requirements definition, 50% savings in time on contract arrangements, and 20% savings in time on project arrangements, and a considerable decrease of associating risks.
    Best Engineering Practices from Leading European Development Company.
    Working with one of the established European software company your ODC will inherit our best practices gained over 15 years in implementing technology projects for Fortune 500 and small businesses.

  • Quick Investment Return
    ODC delivers immediate returns. It has a quick effect on you bottom-line - without affecting the quality of the deliverable. Most ODC customers experience increased quality while enjoying reduced costs.

  • Full Operational Control
    You manage your Offshore Development Center - ODC as if it were your local IT division. You have your development schedules and deliverables which your ODC team adheres to.

  • Dedicated Development Team
    Once a team of software engineers is assigned to our customer ODC, Solosoft doesn't change its structure unless there is a request to do it. This stability of the team ensures higher productivity and helps to maintain minimum learning curve for the company product development.

  • Established IT Infrastructure
    ODC is a dedicated office environment residing at our technology premises. Office infrastructure includes all modem facilities - computers, printers, scanners, fax machine, phone lines etc. You have every guarantee that only your team members have access to the work place, and network security is built into your ODC. To manage your remote team you are provided with a number of reliable communication services, including e-mail, secure ftp- and http-servers, multi-channel phone lines, fax, voice mail, and teleconferencing. You also get full administrative support.

  • Access to the Best IT Talents in Europe
    ODC offers a team of best-of-breed software engineers. Typically an ODC team can be gathered within a short amount of time. We build a ready-to-deliver team with just-the-right skills within two-four weeks, depend on customer requirements. This manpower is selected on the basis of your criteria, no matter how strict they are. Every team member is selected to meet our customers' strict requirements for relevant experience, domain knowledge, and educational background.

  • Flexible Pricing
    ODC offers a very customer - friendly pricing practice with no hidden costs. You can choose among a variety of pricing models to suit your needs best.

  • Improved Product Release Time
    Running a dedicated center you will save time and efforts by omitting redundant aspects of projects' initiation and management. Once you have established an ODC, certain unnecessary and typical project phases may be simply passed by freeing up your team's time and budget.

The Solosoft Offshore Development Process Methodology

Our well-defined, 6-step methodology has been evolved based on our development experience of numerous offshore projects. This approach uses offshore and onsite implementation.

  • Step 1. Dedicated Team Creation.
    - Scope Agreement sign off.
    - Need to identify key team members for project.

  • Step 2. Onsite to Offshore Knowledge Transition.
    The main goal for this phase is to understand the client requirements, business processes, company standards, the specific systems IT environment as well as the approach that will be used. It's a huge learning curve.

  • Step 3. Offshore Process Definition.
    Perform customization of the methodology for the client specific requirements.

  • Step 4. Offshore Simulation.
    - Simulate client IT environment at offshore development Center.
    - Reveiw and confirm the Service Level Agreements.
    - Build the Offshore Infrastructure (IT, software and physical).
    - Set up the offshore team.
    - Metric-defined training of the Offshore Development team.

  • Step 5. Offshore Project Execution.
    Start executing project according to the project plan for the first 6 month period.

  • Step 6. Review the project deliverables and identify the weak areas of the implementation.
    - Implement the feedback.
    - Have the first year Service Agreement review.

Offshore Development Center

An ODC is a dedicated, customized, and secure software development center established for a customer that needs to outsource application and maintenance work for a long period of time. The ODC service model grew up from the traditional project implementation model to accommodate the specific needs of customers in a best possible way. The major advantage of an ODC is that it reduces several phases of executing a typical IT project, has dedicated to customer technical resources for an extended period of time. This approach gives the customer better control over the process of product development, and it helps to have higher resource efficiency (cost saving up to 60%).


The services provided by an ODC depend on the customer's specific needs and on the vendor's offerings and expertise. However, ODCs generally provide the following core services:

  • Office Management Operations management HR and Training
  • Office equipment
  • System administration
  • Recruiting, hiring and training
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Help Desk Support
  • Employee Benefits
  • Communications infrastructure
  • Accounting ODC SAVINGS and office service
  • Replacement


Outsourcing IT projects to offshore vendors typically reduces development costs by 40- 60% when customer selects to set up an ODC, which is important in terms of aligning the company business goals.
An average year expenses for a US located software engineer exceeds $150,000 per year. The average expense for software engineer working in SoloSoft ODC in Europe costs $72,000 per year.

Solosoft Advantages: Process Expertise

SoloSoft development center is certified at ISO 9001:2000. Engineering Development Processes are under control of the US Project management office to comply with the industry's best practices and standards.

Solosoft utilizes different development methodologies in operation of ODCs for its customers: RUP, Agile Development, XP, RAD, Microsoft Solutions Framework.

Solosoft is one of the best nimble European software development companies with total number of employees reaching 30 personnel.

Solosoft has provided IT services for a number of Fortune 500 clients as well as for small startups.

Dedicated Technical Support team available 24/7.

Solosoft partners with many local Universities and has a huge database of IT professionals.

More then 85% of SoloSoft engineering personnel have Master Degree.

Solosoft has very low turnover rate - less than 7% per year.

Dedicated Development Center pricing - $30 an hour or $1200 per week.

Solosoft offers the following payment schema: $1200 per Software Engineer a week in dedicated development center with full IT infrastructure, daily status reports, Online Bug Tracking Database, Project Management Intranet and onsite local project manager (Dedicated Development Center).

Different type of ODC service can be delivered based on agreement:

  • Dedicated team that is allocated to work only on assigned project/client account;
  • Joint venture ODC which funded by both partners to share risks and have result tracking perrformance;
  • Build - Operate - Transfer Offshore Development Center. Solosofts builds an ODC, set up and launch till certain point infrastructure, staffing and dedicated development center for a pre-arranged fee. The result is then transferred to the client at a predefined price.

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