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Client-Server Applications

Case Studies:

Automated Guided Vehicles Client Server Architecture

Architecture and development of Automated Guided Vehicles Application to provide inventory control, automatic storage and transport of paper insert pallets & automatic transport of paper rolls to the printing press.

Business Card Management Client Server Architecture

Business Card Management system (BisCard) is created to manage process of creation business cards and generation of source-form in PDF format for printing machines.

Instant Messenger Architecture

The system is intended for internal corporate exchange of messages, files and multimedia in real time. In addition, it can be used as a base for creation of various secure distributed systems for corporate clients.

Financial System Client Server Architecture

Development of thin clients and a multi-platform interface for a web-based financial system. The system is 5-level and platform-independent.

Technologies: ASP, Java. JDK, J2EE, XML, COM+, Delphi, MC VC++, TCP/IP sockets, MS IIS, Multithreading, Oracle, Solaris, AIX, UNIX, WinNT.

Golf Management Client Server Architecture

Multi-module application for golf club activities management. Includes Receptionist POS, Competition, Club Members, Gastro POS and BackOffice modules.

Technologies: C++, InterBase, XML, HTML, Touch-Screen UI, TWAIN API.

Corporate Document Exchange Architecture

Architecture for building 3-tier corporate information client server application intended for electronic document flow and all kinds of financial accounting and reporting.

Technologies: COM+, DCOM, MTS, DNA, OLE Automation, MS SQL Server, ADO, SOAP, MS IIS, ASP.

Peer-to-peer picture sharing utility

Uses Napster approach by allowing to share disk resources between all network users. Consists of client end server parts.

Technologies: Visual C++, TCP/IP sockets.

Remote server administration Architecture

Remote administration and maintenance of servers. Development of installation and version control scripts. Control of sources databases, builds, versions. Compiled binary modules.

Technology: MS VC++.

IP-telephony system

SoloSoft developed a software-hardware complex for making encrypted Internet calls to and from PSTN (Public Switched Telephony Network). Was used the following PC based hardware: PhoneJack and LineJack produced by QuickNet (USA). This system is especially attractive for small/medium businesses as it requires minimal investments in hardware, most of which is standard inexpensive PC hardware. Nevertheless, the deployment of the standard ITU H323 protocol stack enables scalability needed to satisfy the demands of larger businesses.

Technologies: C++ for Windows and Linux, OpenH323 (, OpenSSL (

Retail Management Client Server Application

Inventory mangement and money flow control in retail and wholesale trading companies. 3 tier client-server application built on Windows DNA technology.

Technologies: VB.NET, VB 6.0, VC++ 6.0, MS SQL Server 2000, ASP.

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