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Case Studies:

iBuildApp - Do It Yourself Mobile App Maker

Solosoft has designed and implemented a platform that allows businesses to create and publish iPhone and Android app in a matter of minutes. The web interface is solution-based with widgets for location/contact us, coupons, video, audio, pictures, RSS, Twitter/Facebook etc. The design and widgets marketplace offers graphic designers and developers a place to sell mobile templates and custom modules for businesses and individuals to drag ā€˜nā€™ drop right into their app. The widgets are built with iBuildApp specifications and can be installed in any app with one-click of the mouse.

iPhone/Android application for web-based oncology clinical EMR

Solosoft was hired to develop mobile application for Android and iPhone based on XML Web service. This mobile application allows physicians to access their patients' information "on the go". The app brings together clinical data, reference materials, and patient information from different applications within the hospital's network » all in one simple mobile interface. Physicians for example no longer have to track down separate lab results or a critical test result from a different department.

THINKaha - mobile eBook application

THINKaha is a client-server application with MySQL database on the back-end. It consist of the iPhone application that provide e-books - valuable information in a fun, Twitter-brief format, and web-based administration tool.
Instead of waiting on Apple to approve the update as is done with traditional iPhone applications, the updates to THINKaha application go live in real-time thanks to the company's hosted Content Management System.

NetworX Mobile - Social Networking Platform

Networx Mobile is mobile community where you can meet people, chat, share photos and videos.
It connects you to all the major Instant Messaging networks (MSN Messenger, Yahoo!, AIM, Google Talk, and Skype). With Networx Mobile you can be online with multiple accounts at the same time.

Geospacial Travel Planning Application

The client was looking for an offshore partner to develop a location based service which would consist of a web based client application and a mobile client application. The client side application had to be developed for mobile devices (Blackberry Curve & Moto Q). The main feature was to alert users when points of interest that matched predefined user-selected search criteria would appear within a specified distance of his/her current location. Solosoft was given the project because of the extensive experience in web and mobile development and a track record of completing projects on time and budget.

Social Networking for FaceBook, Widgets and iPhone/Android

The main idea was to allow France Telecom customers to communicate via virtual phone numbers instead of their real phone numbers, which is keeping private. A customer may send text messages from his virtual number anywhere and receive replies on his cell/land line phones (via TTS), e-mail account, IM, on web or desktop widget, Twitter, or Facebook application.

aka SKYPE for Windows Mobile

The customer needed a mobile application to allow users to apply VoIP and different IM protocols and limit use of the GSM connection on the device with Windows Mobile 6.0. By default, Windows Mobile platform does not include support of these abilities. The application should allow users to call via SIP servers directly by pressing the "Call" button or launching the standard phone feature on the Windows Mobile 6 based devices (Smartphone and Pocket PC).

Porting Dictionary Application to iPhone and Android

The customer contacted Solosoft to convert their existing mobile Spanish/English translation software to iPhone and Android, to extend their sales to users of these popular mobile platforms.

Mobile Application Development for Android and iPhone

To remain a key player in a highly demanding and competitive mobile development market, the customer needed a reliable offshore partner with extensive experience to help carry out mobile development projects. Solosoft stepped in and provided the necessary mobile development and porting expertise while saving the client thousands of dollars in extra costs involved in hiring additional engineers to add to their team.

Technologies used: xCode, Android Stuidio, Android IDE

Mobile Content Transmission via 3G/LTE Networks

The primary purpose of this project was to help our Customer to organize mobile content transmission (either audio or video) via 3G Network.

Technologies used: DirectShow Multimedia Framework and API, ATL, Winsock2, ActiveX, JavaScript

Political Campaign Tracking and Organization System for iPod/iPad

After carefully analyzing customer's requirements, Solosoft developed a solution that combines a PDA based data collection system with a database driven back-end application that stores and analyzes the collected data and displays it on the web as well as the user's mobile device.

Technologies used: C#, ASP.NET, MS SQL, Windows Mobile 5.0, Palm OS 5, Crystal Reports XI

Educational Content Development and Mobile Synchronization Application

The developed solution contained four entities: web-based content creation tool, searchable content repository, web-based management system, and windows mobile client application.

Technologies used: IIS 6.0, MS SQL Server 2005, ASP.NET 2.0, C#, XML, AJAX, Windows Mobile 5.0, Flash Lite 2.1.

Realtime Satellite Asset Tracking System for the Transportation Industry

Solosoft utilized extensive experience in the GPS and Mobile technologies to provide Java development, C/C++ embedded development, and Porting for the following devices: Siemens(TC65), Garmin(StreetPilot c550), NavMan(Hallo Qube2, MDT 860), MobiApps(M200), Enfora(Enabler II).

Bluetooth Keyboard Drivers For Mobile Phones

Customer's product, the fabric keyboard unit, consists of a fabric sensor that allows key press positions to be converted to key codes via an electronics interface. The key codes are transmitted to the target device over the bluetooth link using a serial port profile. A set of device drivers was developed to reside on target devices (phones/PDA's) that would allow the PDA/Phone to receive input from Bluetooth Keyboard, via the Bluetooth link (using SPP).

Codec Development and Porting

The developed codec is a plug-in solution for Windows and Windows Mobile platforms ranging from Desktops, to notebooks to Pocket PC's/PDAs. This plug-in solution allows users to encode voice files with the Windows / Windows Mobile based Sound Recorder applications, and can decode the files using players such as Windows Media Player. SoloSoft also performed audio Player porting from Windows to Windows mobile platforms.

Wireless Router Application for Symbian OS

Solosofts designed, developed and implemented the Router application for Symbian OS 9.1 and higher, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Java handsets that allows users to verify data written on a form before it is sent to the servers. The Router application is a solution for smart phones and other mobile devices that allows them to recognize user's input from digital pen on patterned paper, verify and edit this data, attach images if need and upload result form on http server.

Windows Mobile Subscription Manager Porting

The project was to port an existing Windows application named Subscription Manager Client to VC++ for the Windows platform and .NET Compact Framework for the Windows Mobile platform. The existing application was fully functional but it was written in VBScript (with a small amount of JScript), running in an HTA shell. The client data store was XML and a few XSLTs were used (primarily for sorting and filtering).

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