Offshore Outsourcing Staffing

Offshore Staffing for $7,000 per month

SoloSoft combines a fixed monthly budget with college educated, skilled offshore developers to create an efficient offshore team for your company. Our clients spend no time recruiting or training additional staff, and have available to them a pool of talented staff to pull from on an as needed basis.

After spending several years working as a dedicated center provider, our company has learned that our clients require full time fixed cost dedicated resources rather than endless hourly rates or inaccurate fixed bids.

SoloSoft gained the knowledge and savings that US consulting companies have been leveraging for years. The average US based consulting company charges $100-$200 per hour for work that can be sent offshore at $40 per hour. This model has driven the cost of software development through the roof. SoloSoft can help you put that money back in your budget by passing those savings on to you. Whether you need 5 employees or 50, we can work with your company to create a solution that works for the staffing levels you need.

Why choose the ODC model?

  • Receive more output while paying less;
  • Reduce the cost of IT services;
  • Reduce time of product development;
  • Improve Productivity by outsourcing not primary tasks to outside consultant

Dedicated Development Center pricing - $7,000 per month

SoloSoft offers the following payment schema:

  • $7,000 per Software Engineer per month in dedicated development center with full IT infrastructure;
  • daily status reports;
  • Online Bug Tracking Database;
  • Project Management Intranet and onsite local project manager (Dedicated Development Center).

IT Consulting Services

We offer Outsourcing Practices in eight key verticals in the USA market, IT Solutions featuring state-of-the-art architectural and program management expertise, Financial Services, Healthcare and Insurance, Manufacturing & Logistics, Travel and Entertainment, Pharmaceuticals, Retail and Telecommunications.

Outsourcing Practices