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Development of educational management software for schools and companies

Educational Software Case Studies:

Mobile Development of Educational Software for young drivers

DMV Preparation test is an educational testing Wireless application designed for those who interested in self-evaluation and improved comprehension.

Educational Systems Content Development

SoloSoft company has developed online educational software to enable school teachers to create mobile learning objects and activities, share freely in the mobile learning repository alongside premium learning content, and seamlessly deploy mobile learning content to learner's remote devices.

Education software development for company training

Our team has successfully implemented educational software that is now used for blended learning combining real-time classroom, e-meeting, and Web seminar experiences and offers extended lab support, enabling training administrators to schedule, create, and launch virtual labs for hands-on application training and exercises. Virtual labs are ideal for bolstering training effectiveness and knowledge retention by enabling students to practice at their own pace what they learn in a virtual class.

The online educational software leverages an open and advanced technology platform based on J2EE and Web Services standards for further cost-of-ownership advantages. It includes a wide range of features designed to meet enterprise-class standards for security, scalability, redundancy, and performance.

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We offer Outsourcing Practices in eight key verticals in the USA market, IT Solutions featuring state-of-the-art architectural and program management expertise, Financial Services, Healthcare and Insurance, Manufacturing & Logistics, Travel and Entertainment, Pharmaceuticals, Retail and Telecommunications.

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