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Offshore Product Development for HealthCare Industry

As a healthcare organization, you're dealing with automated systems that affect the quality of human lives. To minimize risks and ensure that quality never suffers, it's very important to have a technology partner who understand your industry and your challenges.

SoloSoft has worked closely with healthcare providers and payers over the years and understands the unique challenges, requirements and standards of that business.

SoloSoft is a leading global IT provider uniquely qualified to build, integrate and support mission-critical business applications. We create solutions that effectively meet the business requirements of organizations in all facets of the healthcare value chain.

Reliable information technology expertise from SoloSoft helps organizations in the current competitive world to achieve their goals on time and within the budget.

Our experts provide:

We have an extensive track record of helping companies better leverage their investments in technology and improve their business processes.

Some of the leading companies we've worked with the last few years:
iSagacity, Inc (Silicon Valley, USA), Interactive Solutions, Inc (Oakland, CA), SaPhone, Inc (New York), CTASolutions, Inc (Atlanta, USA), Telephia, Inc (San Francisco, USA), Revolution Consulting, Inc (Phoenix, AZ), BioGenex, Inc (San Ramon, CA), Blue Donkey Group, Inc (Maryland, USA), InboxMarketing, Inc (Chicago, USA), Mortgage Web Success, Inc (Ohio, USA), Riveting Consulting, Inc (Silicon Valley, USA).


Document Management System for Healthcare Company
The solution is a complex framework with multiple controls and dialog windows. It provides a user friendly interface for the clinician that saves time by eliminating data entry and has maximum flexibility to meet the needs of a highly-complex, regulated and constantly changing environment. Most important, physicians will have the ability to easily find the clinically important nuggets of information that are so important to quality patient care.
Enhancement System for Social Medical Community: Widget Development
Since many cusomers request expanded functionality beyond standard maintenance, the company needed a communication mechanism for coordinating, monitoring, and scheduling all requested enhancements.

The system is implemented as a combination of widget integrated into existing platform, and admin portal allowing users of different types to perform various actions related to enhancement requests.
iPhone/Android application for web-based oncology clinical EMR
SoloSoft has designed a native iPhone/Android application based on XML Web service. The system allows physicians to access their patients' information "on the go". The app brings together clinical data, reference materials, and patient information from different applications within the hospital's network » all in one simple mobile interface. Physicians for example no longer have to track down separate lab results or a critical test result from a different department.

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We offer Outsourcing Practices in eight key verticals in the USA market, IT Solutions featuring state-of-the-art architectural and program management expertise, Financial Services, Healthcare and Insurance, Manufacturing & Logistics, Travel and Entertainment, Pharmaceuticals, Retail and Telecommunications.

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