Data Warehouse Reporting Portal Implementation

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Data Warehouse Reporting Portal: System Design, Development Review and QA Testing


Nielsen is the world's leading marketing and media information company. They're passionate about measuring and analyzing how people interact with digital platforms, traditional media and in-store environments - locally as well as globally. Nielsen provide the most complete understanding of how consumers get information, consume media and buy goods and services.

The Nielsen Company employs advanced data collection methodologies and measurement science to help businesses turn new and traditional sources of data into customer intelligence to better manage their brands, launch and grow product portfolios, optimize their media mix and establish meaningful customer relationships.

System Overview

Subscribers in the current system request access to relevant information over a particular period of time. This is performed by creating a Client Identity for each of the subscribers and creating groups of users under them. Then, Access Filters will be created and assigned to the Users. This ensures that the subscribers are only provided with a subset of information and not the entire data.

Data Warehouse Reporting Portal Implementation

Customer business need

Our customer had an existing web portal, which used a combination of custom Java code, HTML and various embedded reporting tools (like Crystal Reports, Brio, MicroStrategy) to allow customers to run dynamic reports and download static reports (in power point and PDF format).

Data Warehouse Reporting Portal Implementation


SoloSoft personnel participated in review of system design, implementation and QA Testing of a new portal.

Data Warehouse Reporting Portal Implementation

The Benefits

The Portal has the functionality of running dynamic reports and viewing static reports. The new Portal has the functionality of exporting the Reports into PDF Format. The new Portal authorizes the user request by using the Security feature as well as Micro Strategy's Security.

Tools and Technologies

ASP.NET, Windows Server 2003, IIS6, MS SQL 2000, Microstrategy 7i

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