Database Solution Development For Inventory and Data Management

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Database Solution For Inventory and Data Management


The customer is a California based packaging company that uses state-of-the-art protective packaging materials to protect products from moisture, electrostatic discharge, corrosion, vapor, oxygen, toxic fumes, dust, insects, pilferage and other environmental hazards.

Since 1963, Techflex has been engineering and manufacturing a wide range of braided sleeving products for a variety of industries from biomedical and aerospace to wire, hose and cable bundling protection solutions for high performance automotive enthusiasts.

Business Case

The client was looking for an experienced software development company to build and maintain their back-end database infrastructure. The goal was to have a secure and reliable system in place to store sensitive data, including inventory and customer information, purchase order and work order tracking, and profit analysis information.

Database Solution For Inventory and Data Management


During a continuous 3.5 year long effort, SoloSoft implemented a FileMaker Pro based database infrastructure with a set of modules designed to store, manage, and display client data. The key features include:

  • Different Security Levels based on user roles;

  • Viewing actual state of an item lot and the historical usage;

  • Consignee, Location, Item and Availability Summaries for inventory items;

  • Associating one product with several suppliers and consignees with different prices and properties;

  • Consignee, Logistics Coordinator and Vendor Summaries for container tracking;

  • Export to Excel and PDF files;

  • Formatted export to Excel and Word (Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Product Specifications);

  • Printing Manufacture Labels with UPC-A barcodes.

  • Export to Excel and PDF files, printing documents;

  • Scheduling machine time and displaying machine load in Calendar views, production board.

  • Getting actual inventory state by handling transactions on closing;

  • Dynamic graphics to view images of requested product upon entering order information;

  • Automatic import of new records from QuickBooks for subsequent handling in FileMaker.

Database Solution For Inventory and Data Management

Tools and Technologies

FileMaker Pro 9, XSLT, ODBC

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