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Business Case for Data Warehouse System Redesign

Users Survey is a survey conducted among cell-phone users across the USA. The customer prepared a questionnaire and sent to external partners. The partners then conducted the survey using this questionnaire. The survey partners selected the survey participants and our customer was deciding the survey markets. After the survey, our customer partners were sending all the responses from the Participants to customer data warehouse as text files. Our customer system then loaded these files into an SQL Server database and generated all the reports after the relevant data validation and data linking.

Then the reports were available for dynamic reporting via the Customer internet portal as well as static reporting using excel processing in power point formats. Also there was a production process where our customer staff added value to the incoming data by filtering out data under certain conditions, for example when an outage occurred in the collection process, and producing large, static reports with additional market analysis and carrier comparisons.

Key Issues impacting to Data Warehouse System Redesign

Data model of existing databases was used wherever it was possible. The new ETL, reporting and security solution required significant modifications to the existing system model. All possible manual ETL tasks were automated.

The customer provided not all business rules for development of tool question, answer and sub-group references.

Data Warehouse System Redesign Services

Our personnel participated in the new Data Warehouse design review, implementation and QA Unit and System testing of the following components and tasks:

  • Participated in review of delivery of a scalable and flexible architecture to accommodate all data elements required for the reports.

  • Participated in development of the necessary solution, that is capable of providing a solution within the framework provided by customer and by applying all business rules.

  • Enhancement of the decision-making capabilities of customer users and its clients by providing a data centric information intensive reporting environment.

  • New system design, implementation and QA Unit and System Testing REVIEW of a scalable, extensible architecture that would warrant minimal change to architectural frameworks and technologies with corresponding growth in user base.

  • Migration of the customer SQL Server database to a new database which eliminated the need for the one extra database.

  • Alteration of the source Data pre-processing to load data into the Teradata database and automation of the manual steps.

  • ASP tool to maintain survey questions and answers in the migrated database.

  • VB tool for production staff to produce Power Point Reports by Microstrategy.

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