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Business Management System Development for Top Media company

Business Situation

The customer is a California based company that combines your website and marketing campaigns to give you a coherent 360 degree view of all your customers', prospects' and partners' activities. By understanding your customer's interactions, it routes only valuable, qualified leads into your Sales system. The client makes it simple to plan, execute and analyze marketing campaigns, allowing you to tie your Marketing investments to revenue generation.

  • The client is one of the top media agencies in US and is a division of a world leading media holding

  • Our client wanted to use latest technology to improve the business planning process by eliminating manual, paper-based processes

Key Issues

  • Quartely, each of the client's offices is required to complete report and submit it to the
      corporate headquarter

  • The client's IT department also wanted a secure, easy-to-use Web based system for all
      offices to provide data analysis and reporting capabilities


  • The solution significantly improved the business operation by automating a
       manual-intensive, paper-based process

  • The new application provided robust data reporting and analytical capabilities by integrating
      the Web solution with data mining software

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