France Telecom Chooses SoloSoft to Develop Video Editing Tool for Orange Web Site

France Telecom Chooses SoloSoft to Develop Video Editing Tool for Orange Web Site

San Mateo, CA
December 10, 2009

This is SolveITLab's second outsource development project for France Telecom. The project involved creating a bulk video uploading tool and features to enhance audio/video media mixes presentations on their web site

San Mateo, CA (PRWEB) December 10, 2009 - Outsource Software Development company SoloSoft has completed another outsourced IT project for France Telecom. The company needed a simple and efficient way to add video to their web site without needing an IT department. SoloSoft created a powerful system to make it simple to add, organize, edit and manage media audio/video mixes.

France Telecom's Problem

France Telecom provides fixed-line and wireless voice and data services, as well as cable TV and corporate and wholesale telecom services to over 100 million customers worldwide. Adding video to their site was cumbersome. They needed a tool to simplify the process of adding new video to their web site and allow their customers to add video. This required the ability to approve video, edit and otherwise enhance it.

Other Concerns

  • Improving the Speed-to-Market and reducing the R&D cycle time,
  • Controlling the Product Life Cycle (PLC) Costs,
  • Unlocking the emerging markets potential,
  • And securing the R&D talent supply.

To help solve this problem, France Telecom turned to SoloSoft for:

  • Faster Speed-to-Market due to SoloSoft organizational knowledge accumulated over 20 R&D engagements;
  • Cost Savings on R&D life cycle from 30%, and up to 60%;
  • Immediate access to R&D talent of Europe: best ramp-up and retention capability

SoloSoft' Solution

The focus was on creating tools to help manage and upload video files to the web site by staff at France Telecom. There were 5 main areas of focus:

  • Easy Admin
    SoloSoft developed a video admin tool to allow administrators at France Telecom to bulk upload videos from various source files. All files, regardless of the source are then automatically converted to a common format. Pre or post approve media mixes using different user accounts.
  • Video Preview
    The administrator can easily preview mixes and edit video mixes, add names to groups of video and organize the video by topic.
  • Add Effects and Transitions
    Also added is the ability to easily add effects and transitions to video presentations.
  • Audio Editing and Overlay
    The tool includes the ability to preview presentations and record an audio overlay, in real time.
  • Manage User-Generated Video

Another feature of the tool is to help encourage user-generated content. Customers can now submit their own videos to the company. Then the company can approved or not approve the video to go live on the site. Customers can also add audio to their video presentation.

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