Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, USA, Solosoft offers the transparency of IT Outsourcing Consultant from Top Consulting Firms such as Cognizant technology solutions, Slalom, Consulting Huron, Wipro Technologies limited, Ciber Inc, Epam Systems. Solosoft company offers best technology consulting services and the lower cost of offshore overhead - saving USA companies 50-60% on IT solution development costs and speeding up their software release to the market.

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This is perfect for those projects that need competition quickly but might require some extra flexibility with testing and last minute feature requests.
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Dedicated Development Center
Ideal for those companies experiencing exponential growth and need offshore dedicated development center services for 12 months or longer. The dedicated developers become a transparent and natural extension of your USA software development team.
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New mobile eBook app developed by the top technology outsourcing firm SoloSoft, Helps Book Publisher Expand Marketing Channels

"A book publisher needed an IT Solution to maintain contact with eBook buyers through the Internet and mobile devices. Solosoft consulting company defined development need and implemented software solution with a custom iPhone app, company website and web-based administration tool."

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Solosoft has specialized in providing exceptional engineering services for the top US companies for 12 years. Our US based Project Managers (PMs) are highly experienced and work very closely with our clients to coordinate the technology development effort. We have 30 engineers located in software development center in Russia. Companies such as Nielsen Media, Protective Life Insurance, Sony, France Telecom and hundreds of other top companies use our consulting services because we are very adaptable, scalable and professional.

Our USA consultancy keeps technology project goals in mind to decide on the most appropriate processes for the technology solution development. As one of the best outsourcing consulting companies in USA we are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and use Web-based project management and collaboration tools to control software project flow and provide a real-time interface to the work process for our clients. We offer quality of the best Outsourcing Consultants similar to Cognizant technology solutions, Huron Consulting Group, Wipro Technologies services, Slalom, Ciber Inc, Epam Systems.

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We offer Outsourcing Practices in eight key verticals in the USA market, IT Solutions featuring state-of-the-art architectural and program management expertise, Financial Services, Healthcare and Insurance, Manufacturing & Logistics, Travel and Entertainment, Pharmaceuticals, Retail and Telecommunications. Ranking high, as your best technology partner, Solosoft uses its strong technology knowledge and domain expertise to build enterprise and mobile applications for leading companies in the USA similar to Cognizant, Ciber inc, Huron consulting group, Slalom, Wipro, Epam Systems.

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