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Online video editing program for windows, mac: Moderation Tool

The WorldCut moderation interface allows for both pre- and post moderation of all content (video sets and video mixes). This enterprise video editing program for windows, mac allows administrators to broad control in screening incoming media before and after it is displayed publicly. Moderators can also edit, delete and publish video mixes created by users.


Functionality of the enterprise video editing programs for mac and windows

  • Bulk video uploading: the tool allows moderators to upload multiple videos in .wmv or mp4 format from different sources (url's, local networks, television, etc). Those videos would be provided by sets. Videos are uploaded on the server and automatically converted to FLV format (using ffmpeg video converter).

  • Preview source videos (converted FLV files)

    edit videos

  • Assign names for the sets being uploaded » those names would identify sets on the Orange website. Once a set is uploaded and identified, it would be available for editing via Orange enterprise web site.

  • Preview video mixes (projects created by customers)

  • Approve or reject video mixes. Once a video mix is approved, it will be published on the Orange web site.

  • Edit and publish customer's projects (using simple video editing).


Enterprise Tools and Technologies:

  • Movie Masher Server;
  • Movie Masher's flash applets that provide front-end tools for common video editing;
  • Red5 media server;
  • Nellymoser codec, ffmpeg video converter;
  • Amazon EC2 i S3;
  • Apache web server;
  • OpenSSL;
  • PHP 5 with the following modules: PEAR, curl, symphony, PDO
    PEAR modules: Archive/Tar, HTTP/Request, Log;
  • MySQL 4;
  • Java, apache Ant


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