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Customer for the professional video editing software

France Telecom is the main telecommunications company in France, the third largest in Europe and one of the largest in the world. It currently employs about 191,000 people (half outside of France) and has nearly 159 million customers worldwide (2007).

Business Case to develop free online video editing software

France Telecom provides fixed-line and wireless voice and data services, as well as cable TV and corporate and wholesale telecom services to over 100 million customers worldwide. Adding video to site was cumbersome. They needed the best video editing program to simplify the process of adding new video content to their web site and allow customers to add videos. This required the ability to approve video, edit or enhance it.

video editing program

Solution: online video editing software for windows and mac

SoloSoft has designed and implemented a professional video editing software for YouTube that allows Orange's customers create their own video clips and publish it through social networks such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. It consists of a video mixer program for Orange's customers and an admin tool for France Telecom staff to help manage and upload video files to the web site online.

There were 6 main areas of focus:

  • Easy Admin
    SoloSoft developed a professional video admin tool to allow administrators at France Telecom to bulk upload videos from various source files. All files, regardless of the source are then automatically converted to a common format.

    Video Editing Tool

  • Video Preview
    The administrator can easily preview mixes and edit video mixes, add names to groups of video and organize the video by topic.

  • Manage User-Generated Video
    The administrator may approve or reject user-generated video mixes for publishing on the website online; edit or delete mixes from the video editing software for mac and windows.

  • Add Effects and Transitions
    Also added is the ability to easily add effects and transitions to video presentations.

  • Audio Editing and Overlay
    Video Editing Tool provides an option to preview presentations and record an audio overlay in real time.

    open source video editing

  • Download and Share Video Mixes
    The user can download a video mix on his windows and mac or share it with his friends via YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter

Another feature of the windows and mac video editing program is to help encourage user-generated content. Customers can now submit their own videos to the company online for free. Then the company can approve or not approve the video to go live online on the site.

Customers can also add audio to their video presentation.

The solution is compatible with Amazon EC2 and Advection.NET hosting infrastructure.

Tools and Technologies

  • Movie Masher Server;
  • Movie Masher's flash applets that provide front-end tools for common video editing;
  • Red5 open source media server;
  • Nellymoser codec, ffmpeg video converter;
  • Amazon EC2 i S3;
  • Apache open source web server;
  • OpenSSL;
  • PHP 5 with the following modules: PEAR, curl, symphony, PDO
    PEAR modules: Archive/Tar, HTTP/Request, Log;
  • MySQL 4 open source;
  • Java, apache Ant

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