SoloSoft Sales and Project Management teams Move into New Corporate Headquarters to Support Growth

SoloSoft Sales and Project Management teams Move into New Corporate Headquarters to Support Growth

January 3, 2005

SoloSoft a privately held company in Offshore IT Outsourcing field announced today that their sales and PM teams are moving into a new corporate headquarters. The new offices will handle all corporate operations and will create an environment that will allow the company to continually expand its business and services.

This growth came about from a strong increase in sales of the Offshore IT Outsourcing services. "We are extremely excited to be moving into new office space." said Rafael Soultanov, PM at SoloSoft.

"2004 has been a busy year for us and we would like to be in the center of Silicon Valley for easy access where we can offer our clients better service. To have this happens we needed to increase our Account and Project management teams for better technical and customer service. This will help us to handle our increased customer base."

SoloSoft new address is 3705 Haven Avenue, Suite 102, Menlo Park, CA 94025.

The relocation of SoloSoft corporate headquarters also includes a new toll free telephone number, 1 800 782 1746.

About SoloSoft

SoloSoft, helps clients to improve their business operations and IT effectiveness by delivering a broad range of business consulting and outsourcing services designed to achieve near-term and sustainable business benefit. Specifically, SoloSoft focuses on highly synergistic service offerings, including: Application Development & Integration, Application Outsourcing, and Maintenance.

SoloSoft believes that business and IT improvements are best realized by streamlining and optimizing business and IT processes, implementing rigorous management disciplines, and fostering a culture of accountability through meaningful performance metrics. SoloSoft delivers its services through an integrated network of branch offices in North America and Europe, and via ISO 9001-certified software engineering processes.

Information on SoloSoft is available on the Internet at

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