Policy Based Authorization System

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Policy-based authorization management


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Business Case

The client was in need of a security management solution for implementing full scale security and extending policy authorization across the enterprise. The solution had to allow enterprises to securely enable online business processes to gain competitive advantage, easily manage users, and access policies in order to deliver protected e-relationships.


Solovatsoft developed a solution that contains the following tools:

Policy Creation Tool

  • Monitors and tracks all traffic for an entire distributed network

  • Provides the ability to sort collected information by user, IP, domain, MAC address destination, port service, application, authentication type, authorization type, user name, etc.

Machine Audit and Management Tool

  • Automates the stocking and inventory of computer hardware, software and other equipment.

  • Tracks computer and device movement inside the company and provides a wide range of reports to help in planning, maintenance and renewing of company equipment and software.

Enterprise Security Systems Set

  • Desktop Security System - Allows a user to encrypt and decrypt files, generate and verify digital signatures right from the Explorer window.

  • Corporate Document Management System - Extends the desktop solution to the corporate level requirements.

  • Web Form Signing - Provides digital signing certification for data transmitted through generating online requests.


  • SAML-based SSO and Authorization Between Partner Sites
  • Role-Based Authorization
  • Native Password and Profile Management
  • Flexible Delegated Administration
  • Tamper-resistant Audit System
  • Native LDAP Support

Tools and Technologies

  • BEA WebLogic Application Server 7.0
  • Microsoft Active Directory Directory Server
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0
  • Java Development Kit 1.3

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