Porting Inventory Management System for Advertising Portal

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Ad management system development for internal ad management / administration


Eros Guide is Californian adult entertainment company that provides Advertiser portal for independent advertisers.

Business Case

The company wanted update their internal ad management / administration system with new one, scalable and robust, that meet current and future demands.

Legacy system (written on TCL & PostgreSQL) was cumbersome and expensive to maintain. In order to resolve this situations, the customer decided to outsource porting and further development of the system.

Inventory Management System - Porting and Development


SoloSoft has successfully migrated legacy system from TCL & PostgreSQL to PHP & mySQL, added new features and dramatically improved existing functionality:

  • A good portion of the legacy system included hard coded test data not even connected to the database. All hardcoded data (i.e. User Authentication, search, etc) was replaced with dynamic code;

  • Adding new classes: the code relevant to orders and waitlists (central features in manipulating data for an account within this system) was inclomplete.

  • Unnecessarily complex or rudimentary logic (i.e. display logic, database queries) has been optimized.

  • The database structure was optimized and missing tables were added.

  • Fixing the inefficient use of framework features » much of the database interactions were written from the scratch instead of using built-in features (one of the key aspects of using the framework).

  • Javascript library usage was based on ExtJS (Dojo) library » it requires more development efforts and increases page loading time. JQuery, JQuery UI, and its CSS Framework was strongly preferred and successfully implemented;

    ad management / administration system

  • In the data layer, some DB methods were getting updated to take advantage of the Zend engine for the implementation of user authentication and role management;

  • Implemented Zend_Navigation component, which centralizes configuration and provides built-in functionality to output a set of navigation related information

  • Exception logging was added.

The solution implemented as a complex system consisting of the following modules:

  • Administration module » to manage user accounts / roles / permissions and access different areas of the DB not available through the main interface. That module is used by app developers to implement requested changes;

  • Audit » to view transactions,

  • Executive MIS » to run, publish, modify, and delete Adhoc Reports including the following: Hub Services, Order by Salesperson by City, Sales Commissions, Order by City, Orders. Ability to set and change filters.

  • Orders » order management including managing line items, waitlist notifications, waitlist position, and commisions approval;

  • Premium Services » to manage services;

  • Pricing » to manipulate with Categories, Payment Methods, Price Adjustments, Service Models, and Services:

    Inventory Management System - Porting and Development

  • Template engine;

  • Credit Card payment tracking.


PHP 5.2, PostGress 8.1, Zend Framework 1.7, Apache 2.x, JQuery library

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