Enhancement System for Social Medical Community

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Social Medical Community for coordinating, monitoring, and scheduling all requested enhancements


AllScripts is Atlanta-based health software and services company; a leading provider of information solutions that help hospitals and health systems more-effectively manage the business of healthcare and achieve measurable and sustainable, improved outcomes.

Business Case

Since many customers request expanded functionality beyond standard maintenance, the company needed a communication mechanism for coordinating, monitoring, and scheduling all requested enhancements.

The business benefits of improving company's enhancement management practice, include:

  • Improved quality and service level;
  • Better visibility into the development process;
  • Efficient management of enhancement requests coming from customers; and
  • Improved concurrent development.

These benefits combine to make developers more productive and the development process more efficient, setting up right priorities and speeding time to market.


SoloSoft has developed a complex system that supports various functions in the management of enhancements and reviewing and approving enhancement requests. The Enhancement Management System consists of web-based administration portal and a widget allowing users to perform various actions related to enhancement process, based on their permissions.

Basic Functionality

  • Allow enhancements to be proposed;
  • Allow enhancements to be approved, deferred, or rejected in a controlled manner;
  • Allow enhancements to be invested;
  • Provide site-level notification to interested parties of enhancements, and assessed impacts, and
  • Provide an audit trail of requested enhancements.

Web widget

The Enhancement Widget was developed and integrated in off-shelf social networking system - Jive Software.

Enhancement System for Social Medical Community

It is available for all customers and includes the following sections:

  • Submit an idea » Enhancement Request submission form » to initiate a new request;
  • View my ideas » displays customer's submitted requests;
  • View all ideas » displays all submitted enhancement requests, with name of a person who submitted it, status, and brief description. When clicking on an idea, the user will be taken to a separate page with detailed information about the idea (full description, user comments, attached documents, etc)
  • Invest in ideas » investment section (available for organization representatives only)

The widgets is integrated into existing company's platform; it utilizes two databases: mySQL database that has been designed specifically for the progect, and Oracle database that stores all users' data (personal info, avatars, permissions).

Administration portal

The portal is available for the Product Team members only. That is a place where product managers may review the submitted Enhancement Requests and perform the following manipulations:

  • Manage releases, products and modules: add, edit, change status, or remove from the system.
  • Organize, sort and manipulate submitted requests: all requests are presented in the table that can be sorted by any of the following columns: ID, Organization, Status, and Funds Invested;
  • Merge requirements, with ability to trace back to the original requirement via the unique identifier;
  • Easily publish the Proposed Requirements back to ClientConnect in preparation for users to invest funding;
  • Update the original case status: accept or do not accept an idea;
  • Track investments by organizations;
  • Export data into CSV file.

Enhancement System for Social Medical Community


The software is implemented as a combination of widget integrated into existing platform, and admin portal allowing users of different types to perform various actions related to enhancement requests.

MySQL database that has been designed specifically for the progect The programming languages on the client side are HTML and JavaScript, on the server side » Java. The enhancement management system consists of the following components

  • Jive Social networking software;
  • Oracle database for storing user data (including user roles and permissions in the system);
  • Hibernate-based subsystem to work with the database;
  • JBoss application server;
  • Business logic subsystems for "Submission phase", "Review phase", "Investment phase", "Acceptance phase" that process requests to the database, change enhancement requests, assign new statuses, export data to the appropriate formats, etc.;
  • Event logging subsystem based on LOG4J;
  • Set of widgets and dashboards based on Ajax to interact with the system at various phases.

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