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Case Study: Development of Remote Desktop Connection Manager Software

Business Case for Remote Desktop Connection Manager development

Old approach when administrator was required to come to the physical hardware, press the Power button, take a sit and start working, is outdated. Imagine if you have multiple such boxes located across several physical locations and each providing a sub-set of services you need to access to. Of course all these services could be combined on a single PC, but at times this is not an option. Imagine a modern system administrator without remote access tools. It would be a nightmare. Terminal services like Citrix Servers and VNC is the new paradigm of accessing and managing large networks at enterprise level by using remote desktop connection manager software for Windows and Mac; this is an approach that hosts the applications in a secure remote environment accessible from anywhere.

Remote Desktop Manager Software Solution

RD Connection Manager for Windows and Mac delivers the most comprehensive remote connection management and publishing solution. It supports the world's most popular remote desktop management protocols and provides comprehensive functionality to help users and system administrators organize their remote connections in various environments within any organization.

Remote Desktop Connection

View Demonstration Video to get a better idea of how Remote Desktop Connection software works.

Remote desktop software is designated to organize RDP, VNC and Citrix ICA connections to PCs which are a part of private or corporate, local or remote, virtual or real networks. It provides secure access from Internet to remote networks via traffic redirection tools and corresponding client libraries.

As the client is platform-independent, it can be easily integrated to different Live distribution packages based on either Linux or Windows for rapid deployment of the management systems. The accounts file is encrypted by RC4 algorithm, so the file with configured accounts of remote hosts is common for supported OS.

Remote Desktop

Features of the Remote Desktop Manager for Mac and Windows

RD Connection Manager has all the necessary features and capabilities to work with the remote computers:

  • Manual connection / access configuration. The user can manually enter the connection information.

  • Simple user authentication. Simple login/password authentication can be handled by secure access gateway.

  • Certificate-based authentication. User can be authenticated by secure access gateway based on certificate installed on the client PC.

  • Login-password OS based authentication. Login / password Windows based authentication is also supported by secure access gateways which allow the usage of domain accounts when accessing remote networks.

  • Automatic connection configuration based on downloading configuration files. The user does not need to manually enter the connection information. Instead, it can be downloaded and applied automatically.

  • RDP-based connection. Client application and secure access gateway support connection to PCs in remote via RDP protocol and launching published applications.

  • VNC-based connection. Allows connections to PCs with various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Unix, MacOS.

  • ICA-based connection. Provides access to remote PCs hosted in Citrix networks.

  • Support of Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration server (MS ISA server). Client and secure gateway handle situations when MS ISA server is in the middle.

  • Proxy / firewall traversal. Client application supports firewalls and proxies for Internet connection.

  • Secure settings storage. All user sensitive data stored on local PCs is encrypted with strong encryption algorithms.

  • Client application working with minimal user permissions. The client application does not require administrative rights to be operable. In fact it can be run by user with absolute minimum of permissions.

  • Support for locked down PCs by client application. The client application does not require installation, does not install anything, does not modify Registry and does not leave any traces of its usage on PCs. This makes client application U3 standards compliant and operable on "Public PCs" where accounts with minimal rights are available to users, installing new software is prohibited and modifications of Registry are restricted.

  • Cross-platform solution. The software has been tested and works on the following platforms: Windows 7/2003/2008/10, Linux. The client application is developed under wxWidgets and can run on other Unix-like systems that contain libraries required for working and building the application.

The solution provides secure access from Internet to VDI via traffic redirection tools and corresponding client libraries.

Benefits of the Remote Desktop Connection Manager Software for Mac and Windows

Here are the benefits of RD Connection Manager:

  • Open, flexible and extensible architecture, interfaces and components

  • User-environment independence as well as minimal third party libraries dependences

  • Open source software released under GNU General Public license

  • Easy to deploy.

Remote connection is what makes a process of accessing vital services fast, easy and efficient. It reduces TCO by savings on software licensing, hardware requirements on the user-end, it saves your time and time of your colleagues. Furthermore it saves money on hardware on the server side since you don't need to purchase a display for each of the PCs like Mac and Windows you can access remotely. Remote desktop connection manager goes further improving your remote connection management efficiency, further saving your time and making your work more convenient.

Tools and Technologies of the remote desktop software

  • Supported platforms: Linux, Microsoft Windows
  • wxWidgets - crossplatform toolkit;
  • RDP ActiveX;
  • Citrix ActiveX;
  • VNC ActiveX;
  • rdesktop - RDP client for Linux;
  • ThightVNC - VNC for Linux;
  • openssl;
  • g++;
  • VS2008.

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