Offshore Outsourcing: Porting Subscription Manager to Desktop and .NET Windows Mobile platform

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.NET Project - Porting Subscription Manager to desktop and Windows Mobile

Customer business need

The project was to port an existing Windows application named Subscription Manager Client to VC++ for the Windows platform and Windows Mobile platform. The existing application was fully functional but it was written in VBScript (with a small amount of JScript), running in an HTA shell. The client data store was XML and a few XSLTs were used (primarily for sorting and filtering).

The Subscription Manager client is a viewer for file-based content that is defined and assigned by a separate administrative component (admin, server, and transport layers). The client supports the user's ability to view and navigate categories (from the category.xml file), view document listings in each category (from each individual document xml file, e.g. *.xml ... note: this is merged with the state file), request, view, save, and delete documents (which are delivered by the server and transport layers independent of the client (other than the client initiating the connection).

Target Audience

The target audience is mobile laptop (and handheld users) and remote fixed-point systems. The idea is for admins to define the categories and contents and for clients to be able to see what is available, subscribe to it and then have it downloaded for them on subsequent connections.

  • The sites feature a secure application on the sub domain.
    Each message in the follow up series directs the lead to go back to the site application and complete that.

  • Application data is stored for mortgage broker to access through the control panel

  • Notification emails can be sent to mortgage brokers when reports have been requested and when an application is submitted through the site

Porting Windows Subscription Manager Client to Desktop and Compact .NET platforms

Porting Windows Subscription Manager Client to Desktop and Compact .NET platforms

Porting Windows Subscription Manager Client to Desktop and Compact .NET platforms

The final delivered solution

After completion of the project all the applications were delivered to the customer on time and a deliverable package had the following:

  • The application's design in Visio format;
  • System architecture;
  • Class diagram;
  • Description of all classes;
  • Source files;
  • Step by step description for code compilation;
  • Step by step description how to run the application;
  • Step by step description of application's working environment;
  • Description of all modules of the application;
  • Description of all source files;
  • Compiled versions both for Desktop and PocketPC

Tools and Technologies

Windows XP, Windows Mobile 2005, VC++, C#, XML/XSLT, MS Crypt API

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