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Case study: outsourcing offshore development of SMS marketing software

Business Case

Founded in 2003, the customer's company was created with the goal of bringing valuable localized content to the mobile handset of consumers. The company is committed to developing self-service text message marketing solutions that enable businesses of all sizes to enhance their marketing and business objectives. The customer's focus is on helping clients to use sms marketing software to enhance their business objectives and on creating application for mobile test message marketing to provide businesses the ability to deliver localized mobile content to people by providing easy to use text message marketing tools.

Technologies used to develop SMS marketing software

  • Java: SUN Java 1.6 (jdk1.6.0_05)

  • Additional Java Libs: apache-commons, JDBC , JNDI, JSP, Servlets, Memcached, Apache MMQ

  • Application server: Apache Tomcat 6 (6.0.18)

  • Web: JavaScript, Mootools, Ajax, HTML, XML, CSS

  • Database: MySQL 5

  • Host platform: Linux 2.6 (Debian Lenny (dev), Fedora Core 5 (production))

Third-party products and tools used to build sms marketing software:

  • Moo tools JavaScript framework

  • Apache commons: file_upload

  • Apache commons: commons-IO

  • Apache commons: POI (MS Office import/export layer)

  • JDBC: MySQL-connector

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