Java-based tools and Components for Lotus Notes

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Java-based tools and Components Development for Lotus Notes

The Customer

SoloSoft was hired on a dedicated basis to develop and maintained the following components for Lotes Notes solution:
- Resource Planner (team calendaring or planning visual component for any Notes application)
- Gantt Chart (MS Project like visual planning tool for any Notes application)

Java-based tools and Components for Lotus Notes

Lotes Notes Business need

Our customer had incomplete Lotes Notes solution, which was developed internally using in house dev resources. After facing shortage of technical resources and time the customer decided to switch to SoloSoft as an IT outsourcing company with US project management and European engineering resources.

Java-based tools and Components for Lotus Notes

The following components of the solutions were outsourced to SoloSoft for development and maintenance:

  • The Gantt Chart applet application is a component for Lotus Notes developers who are looking for a MS Project like project scheduling and resource planning tool for Lotus Notes and Domino.

  • Resource Planner for Lotus Notes applet is a component for time reservation, busy/free time tracking, time tracking, timesheet application. It allows users to visualize data stored in Notes database and drag and drop and resize records directly from applet window.


  • Interactive user friendly interface (Drag & drop tasks, pane, drag & resize tasks and task links)

  • Multiple project support (multiple projects can be edited in a single user interface)

  • Security (project and task security to provide only authorized access to data)

  • Personalization (Customizable user settings)

  • Internationalization (Solution supports multiple languages: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish and custom language settings

  • Easy Integration (integration with any Lotus Notes database)

  • Create new projects/task (Create new projects/task directly in applet window and save back to Notes database)

  • Zoom (1 day, 2 days, 1 month, 3 months, 1 year), snap to grid

Java-based tools and Components for Lotus Notes

Technologies and Tools

Eclipse 3.0, UML plugins, VMWare Lotus Notes 5, Notes 6.5, Notes 7, J2SE, CVS

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