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Offshore music software development for restaurants and bars

This music software was developed for bars and restaurants. The main purpose of the project was to provide very simple GUI to play music in bars and at the same time to offer diverse functionality for the users.

The developed system consists from 3 modules:

  • Application client (Java, Swing);
  • Global Database + Service Demons (MySQL, Java);
  • Web Site (JSP, Tomcat, MySQL).

The workflow of the software is following:

  • ClientBox - a client, which is physically located in bars. Each ClientBox is connected to the Internet through cable allowing to have speed at least 50 kb/sec. It is optimized for using the touch screen display;

  • JB Server - which maiin functions is to feed clients with data (music, information), also server will provide web interface through which users of ClientBox can obtain support. JB server has a great number of functions;

  • JB Database - central database which store all the data flowing within JB system;

  • JB WebSite provides ability to administer the whole system.


used: J2SE, Swing, JSP, Servlets, Tomcat, MySQL, Linux 7.3

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