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Java development case study: Remote access software development


The customer is a technology leader in development solutions for Enterprise market. The company engaged SoloSoft’s development team to design a remote access portal built on the Web Services Framework. Existing applications can be "retro-fit" to become remotely accessible (wireless incl.) or new applications built from the ground up with our free SDK. This technology platform allows rapid development of powerful, secure and revenue centric services that exceeded customer expectations.

Customer business needs

The newly developed technology makes it easy for Java developers to make a new or existing application accessible via mobile devices. Although there is no restriction on the scope of what you can build with it, it was designed for applications whose user interface uses little bandwidth. Most cell phones fall into this category.


The framework client is any application that maintains an open connection to the framework Server and that invokes SOAP-RPC functions on behalf of the server. Generally these will be of the form "do action ... and return the result" or "retrieve ... and return it". How you actually implement these is up to the developers, so long as they can be invoked using SOAP-RPC rules. It does not matter what language developer uses to implement the Client framework now, although the provided libraries were designed for use in C++.


As a result of the solution, the following solutions were developed:

  1. A "plugin" web service that allows users to access their MS Outlook» from almost any device, anywhere in the world. Users have full, two-way access to MS Outlook contacts, email, schedule and tasks, right from their own desktop using WAP (phones), Blackberry (RIM Pagers), Pocket PC's , Palm Pilots or desktop browsers.

  2. A product suite that provides administrators with the ability to remotely access their network and attached systems and perform a variety of tasks (Shutdown, Ban IP, Stats, Resources etc.) from a secure point of access using any browser. Admin personnel can now fix basic issues with only a cell phone.

  3. Software Development Kit provides the tools, rules and techniques for any developer to create new applications for the marketplace, or retrofit existing applications (Windows, Solaris, Linux) with plugins that can provide users with remote access. Now developers have the ability to rapidly develop enhancements to existing products and gain new revenue, greater ease of use or brand new product lines.

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