Satellite and GPS Vehicle Asset Tracking System Software Development

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Mobile app and satellite software development of real time GPS vehicle and asset tracking system

GPS vehicle system tracking system customer

The client is a Colorado based technology company specializing in online tracking software such as satellite and GPS vehicle tracking system. They offer a way for companies to keep track of their assets via a variety of small GPS tracking devices, chips, apps, which operate globally over satellite, cellular and other wireless networks. These GPS vehicle tracking devices report movement and any other changes you dictate, giving you not only current position, but also a historical activity log.


Business case for the GPS tracking system and satellite tracking app outsourcing

The client was looking for a reliable offshore outsourcing company with the expertise in GPS and mobile technologies to develop satellite tracking apps for the following devices:

  • Siemens(TC65)
  • Garmin(StreetPilot c550)
  • NavMan(Hallo Qube2, MDT 860)
  • MobiApps(M200)
  • Enfora(Enabler II)

Solution: Satellite and GPS tracking system

As a result of preliminary research of several existing devices on the market SoloSoft developed satellite tracking software and app for the GPS vehicle tracking system:

  • Developed Java application for Siemens Tc65 GSM wireless modem which retrieved GPS data from Garmin GPS device and performed client side processing of this data » calculating Acceleration, Movement, Arrival, and Departure

  • Ported the application from Siemens device to Enfora Enabler II GSM wireless modem. (J2ME satellite tracking software and app)

  • Developed embedded C applications for NavMan Qube2 GSM wireless modem with internal GPS receiver for vehicle and asset tracking system.

  • Developed embedded C/C++ applications running on Fusion RTOS operation system for MobiApps M200 Satellite(ORBCOMM) with GPRS wireless modem and internal GPS receiver.

  • Developed an application for NavMan MDT 860 mobile data terminal which is able to communicate with different devices over RS232 port. This device relays inbound and outbound messages as well as contains data logs.


Technologies used to build satellite tracking app and GPS system

  • Java: J2ME app
  • IDE: MSVisualStudio 2005, NetBeans 5.5, AnalogDevices VisualDSP 4.0
  • C/C++: AnalogDevices embedded C/C++ compiler for BlackFin Processor, Renesas C compiler
  • XML, XSD
  • .NET 2.0 framework
  • Internet: TCP/IP and UDP protocols used for device communication
  • SatelliteNetwork: ORBCOMM

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