Accounting and Administration Information systems for Transportation Company

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Accounting information systems


The client is the provider of comprehensive roadside assistance programs for corporate use throughout the United States and Canada. It primarily serves automotive suppliers, service contract companies, insurance organizations, cellular phone providers, credit card and rental car companies.

Business Case

The client was looking for an outsourcing company to implement the necessary accounting information systems development and integration utilizing the existing system infrastructure. The new enhanced accounting information systems needed to be able to scale as well as accommodate new functionality, such as reinsurance management, dealer sign-up workflow management, web-based reporting and further accounting system integration into the corporate framework.

Тaccounting information systems


SoloSoft worked with the client to perform the following tasks:

  • Data Warehouse / Business Intelligence reporting platform which is in charge of routing accounting entries to and from the accounting QuickBooks system.
  • Implement new data structures to hold program, agent, dealer, and customer information as well as the web user interfaces to interact with the new data structures.
  • Electronic rate look-up capability module which serves internal as well as external users and will responds to rate requests based on the parameters provided.
  • Cancellation refund calculating module.
  • Earning patterns for all programs.
  • Electronic customer enrollment web service.
  • Accounting information systems enhancements, including: claims checks upload from platform, commission Uploads, push back check numbers and pay dates to platform from QuickBooks, client invoices auto-upload into QuickBooks, report function for Due to / from Claims Paid.

Тaccounting information systems

Tools and Technologies

  • JavaBeans on Apache/Tomcat
  • Delphi
  • SQL Server 2000

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