Dealer Management Solution for Insurance Company

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Dealer Management System for Insurance Company


The customer is a $35 billion midwest-based life insurance company whose goal is to provide financial security through insurance and investment products to individuals and families across the United States. Having successfully invested approximately $700 million in these transactions over the last dozen years, they are one of the leaders in their industry.

Business Case

Prior experience with Indian offshore development companies resulted in loosing time and deposit payments for this project - dealer management system.

The objective of the developed dealer management system was to:

  • Allow easy collection of the sales data in the detailed as well as summarized format from different sources.
  • Provide ways for aggregating and loading of the sales data into the database.
  • Presenting sales reports to the account executives / general agents, dealers and managers in the form of reports and embedded analytics (immediate performance calculation and presentation to the user).

dealer management system


Three developers have worked for almost three years to produce dealer management system with the following components:

  • Dealer Information Maintenance Module - provides ability to maintain the dealer and manager list.

    Dealer can log into DPR system via web based application to manage his personal data as well as:

    • manage information regarding dealerships (finance source, insurance providers, employees)
    • add/change/inactivate goals, commissions for his employees and alerts for employees
    • run all DPR reports for dealerships and for whole dealership's group
    • process the DMS data that has been staged (placed by an external process)
  • Agent Information Maintenance Module - provides a way to maintain agent information.

    Agent can log into web-based DPR application to manage personal data, list of their Dealers and use all the dealer-specific functionality all the dealers in their area.

    Agent can run territory level reports for all dealers and generic national level reports.

  • Summarized Data Upload and Processing - a user can review the detail data that has been uploaded and the "summarize and load" the data for reporting purposes into the main "aggregate" table.

  • Rewarding Alerts Module - as the manager enters the deals, alerts can be set up to notify the user about a number of events.

  • Storage Module - support for working with desktop client in online and offline modes.

All operations with data in SQL database are performed by independent Data Access Layer module, which provides all functions to add/change/inactivate the data in the SQL tables. Smart database logic implemented via mechanism of constraints, triggers and stored procedures guarantees data consistency even if third-party tools operate with application sensitive data. Two parts of system (Windows application and web-base application) use web service methods to access data.

dealer management system

Interaction between web service and windows/web based application is made over SOAP protocol and is seamless for both windows and web-based application.

Reports are generated using Microsoft Reporting Services which makes them independent from other components of the developed system and reusable.

dealer management system


SoloSoft diligent attention to details, proper project planning and constant communication between the customer and development team resulted in delivering the solution that is powerful yet very easy to use, on time and within budget.

  • Managers are now able to operate individual deals and can to quickly determine their performance for the month.
  • Dealers can log into the system via web based application to manage personal data and all information regarding dealerships (finance source, insurance providers, employees).
  • Agents can log into web-based application to manage personal data, list of their Dealers and use all the dealer-specific functionality for all the dealers in their area.

Tools and Technologies

  • .NET 2.0 with C# (ASP.NET, WinForms, CryptoAPI, SOAP, ReportViewer)
  • C# Assemblies for Business Layer
  • C# Assemblies for the Data Access Layer (use existing SQL Connection function)
  • SQL Server 2000/2005
  • SQL Server 2000/2005 Reporting Services

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