Mobile App Development of educational tests for young drivers

Mobile app tutorial for young drivers on Android and iPhone


Drivers Ed Direct offers online driving school courses for all of your drivers training needs, including Internet based courses to help you obtain your learner's permit or drivers license. The online driving school courses are offered for California, Florida, Texas and other U.S. drivers, while additional products and online driver's training programs are available for your supplemental driver education needs.

Project Description

The developed app works with's driver's ed courses.


Over 350 questions

– Each Quiz pulls random questions, giving you a different quiz each time

– Select the number of questions you want in each quiz

– Results for each quiz are saved for your review and study. Tests can be retaken.

– Download Drivers Manual so you can read and study any time

– Study with flash cards

The system is client/server-based and transfers results of DMV tests to the central server using XML files. The application keeps answers and once the user connects to the internet sends the results to the server for grading.

The back office is integrated into the corporate ASP system of the DMV online Test network. Interactive, Inc. (Oakland, CA)


Android and iPhone mobile apps


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