Press Release: SoloSoft expands its customer service offering

New offshore customer support services: Technical, email and ticket

San Francisco, CA
November 15, 2004

SoloSoft, an Offshore IT Outsourcing service provider, announced today that ArtBuilders, a Global commerce retailer, has selected SoloSoft to support their global customer base. As their customer base began to outgrow their support staff, ArtBuilders had to make a decision to hire more support staff or go with a service offering that could manage their support needs. They began to research the two options, and found a cost savings in outsourcing offshore to manage their support.

After an initial evaluation period, SoloSoft was chosen over other offshore providers for its responsiveness, customization and competitive pricing.

Prior to outsourcing customer support to SoloSoft, ArtBuilders resolved their support requests via emails and through support calls. SoloSoft’s web based model will enable ArtBuilders to provide their globally located customers with their support needs on a 24x7 basis.

"SoloSoft has completely revolutionized the way we do business," said Vadim Lik, CEO at ArtBuilders.

"SoloSoft’s service helped us to streamline our internal customer support operations, allowing us to focus our entire efforts to provide top e-commerce services to our global customer base."

During their search for a support service, ArtBuilders noticed that other services offered a fixed set of options with a high price tag. With five options to choose from, ArtBuilder’s clients can customize their service to fit their company's business process.

"Going with another provider would have meant spending a lot more for options that we couldn't use," added Lik.

"Since introducing new service, more than 90 percent of our customer request are now answered by our offshore team, rather than speaking with our internal support staff."

About SoloSoft

SoloSoft, helps US companies to improve their business operations and IT effectiveness by delivering a broad range of business consulting and outsourcing services designed to achieve near-term and sustainable business benefit. Specifically, SoloSoft focuses on highly synergistic service offerings, including: Application Development & Integration, Application Outsourcing, and Maintenance.

SoloSoft believes that business and IT improvements are best realized by streamlining and optimizing business and IT processes, implementing rigorous management disciplines, and fostering a culture of accountability through meaningful performance metrics. SoloSoft delivers its services through an integrated network of branch offices in North America and Europe, and via ISO 9001-certified software engineering processes.

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