Porting Android Apps

Porting Installation Java tool to PDA


The customer is network solutions company with offices in California and Virginia. It specializes in developing point-to-multipoint solutions that replace the local loop for large corporate clients, small businesses, and other organizations.

Project Description

The scope of the project was to port small SNMP enabled hardware installation tool written in Java/Swing to a PDA platforms


  1. The network 10.1.1 was a private network (non-routable).
  2. At installation time the modem is not on any network.
  3. The device does not support Bluetooth.
  4. The device does not have an available COM port.

Hardware requirements

  • Handheld computing platform selection most suited for network interaction with device
  • Hardware must be capable of supporting an Ethernet connection (e.g., compact flash)
  • OS must support a version of Java that is 1.4 compatible

Tools used

J2ME, Pocket PC 2003, J9 Websphere SDK

Porting Android Apps

Porting Android Apps

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