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Enterprise Portal Components

Each portal includes a combination of standard and custom functionalities to allow portal users to view, find, manage, categorize, and use content and services. Some of the typical portal components can be seen below.

  • View and Browse - this functionality allows users to have intuitive navigating throughout the portal structure.

  • Content management - this functinonality is responsible for authorization, getting approval, content publishing, and maintaining content. Typically this content is integrated with other third party portal or can be accessed.

  • Collaboration Services - allows groups of users to share different content, work together and have access to the same information for a team of users. Collaboration services can include forums, discussions, white boards, document uploading and sharing, calendars, tasks, audio and video conference services.

  • Subscribtions - is a service allowing users to subscribe to a particular category with specific content or to a particular event like appearance of material with selected keyword.

  • Document sharing - allows storing files, images, documents among selected groups of users. Version control can be implemented as well as logfile creation.

  • View Personalization - allows users to have settings for each of the functions and pages on the portal. The same can be applied to a group of users.

  • Portal Search- is one of the "a must" functionalities that allows searching across multiple portals and integrated systems.

  • E-Commerce- is a feature which many portals implementing now. This feature allows users to select and order the products immediately, 24x7x365.

  • Static and Dynamic Reports - can be implemented using ETL and OLAP technologies to provide business users with reporting information to make necessary decisions as well as market analysis.

  • Notifications - is a service that allows to send an alert in case when certain conditions were reached on the portal (a file was apploaded, somebody gained unauthorized access, etc). SMS, email or a portal message can be implemented as alerts.

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