World's Largest Hotel Group Reducing Energy Consumption by up to 25% with Outsourced Software Development Solution from SoloSoft

World's Largest Hotel Group Reducing Energy Consumption by up to 25% with Outsourced Software Development Solution from SoloSoft

San Mateo, CA
October 13, 2009

SoloSoft an outsource software development solution, helped to develop energy efficiency software for IHG, the largest hotel group in the world. The system tracks energy, water and waste across all brands. IHG Hotel is implementing the system to lessen the environmental impact of their chain of 4,000 hotels.

Outsource Software Development company, SoloSoft, developed technology to help IHG hotels achieve their environmental goals. The software allows management to track and manage hotel energy, water and waste consumption for the world's largest hotel group.

'Green Engage' software enables hotel owners to reduce energy costs by operating more efficiently. It measures energy and environmental metrics across eight areas of hotel operations. Hotels can measure, manage and report on environmental benchmarks.

Using the program, general managers at individual properties can enter facility data on site, and compare that data with information entered from similar properties worldwide. Based on a property's data, the system generates a list of recommended actions that hotels can take to minimize waste and reduce their energy and water consumption.

IHG's Green Manage was developed so it would integrate with existing global sustainability metrics. It establishes a minimum level of sustainability and outlines opportunities to enhance and exceed the minimum.

The system attracts guests who prefer to stay in hotels that are more environmentally friendly. "IHG conducted consumer research and learned their guests not only look at location, price and amenities when choosing a hotel. They also care about a hotel's environmental credentials. SoloSoft developed a comprehensive online system to address this. The energy savings are substantial - they could reach up to 25%", said Rafael Soultanov, Senior Project Manager over Green Manage.

The software allows hotels to manage the elements of the hotel to see what is most effective. The owners can then take action. The action can be anything from insulating hot water pipes to recycling or switching to organic cleaning supplies.

"IHG has 4,000 hotels with brands including Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza. By outsourcing IT development to SoloSoft, IHG saved on development costs as well as saving up to $200 million. They also reduced their carbon footprint. Both guests and management get progress reports so they can clearly see the impact they're making," said Soultanov.

SoloSoft offers IT solutions to help customers like IHG realize their business goals.

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