Android Game Development

Android and HTML5 Game Development

Android and HTML5 game development is one of the activities of SoloSoft. All Android games consist of server and client parts. The Android and HTML5 game servers are capable to support hundreds of simultaneous players and games. The majority of the Android games are multi-player.

Main features of the Android and HTML5 games:

  • built-in chat (based on irc or on a built in server)
  • rating support system
  • game admins support system, access control for games and chat
  • support of different gamer states (free to play, playing, not-available, etc.)

The following android games were developed:

  • Darts
  • Preference (European/Austrian card game)
  • Pool
  • Hearts
  • Text Quiz
  • Video Quiz
  • Japanese cross-word puzzles

HTML5 and Android game development

SoloSoft has been developing series of popular multi-player games: WebReversi, WebHearts, WebClubs, WebQuiz and other games. The Android game servers use java multi-threading technology to support multiple players.

Was used the following software: Java (JDK 1.1.8 and higher), JavaServlets, Tomcat, PHP3, DB Server MySQL.

HTML5 Game Development

The following games were developed using ActiveX technology: Interclub - slot-machine, Memory, FindIt, Boom, Same Game, Diamonds, Mahjongg, Solitaire, Three towers.

HTML5 Game Development

SoloSoft developed a number of applications for mobile terminals supporting HTML5 technology.

Was used the following software: WML, WMLScript, Zope/Python, DB Server MySQL, Nokia WAP-Toolkit 1.3.

Global Games

  • private chat messaging
  • always showusers balance
  • allow user to add credits to his/her account anytime
  • cashier


  • optional picture
  • ranking of user for each game
  • credibility rank
  • recors of win/loss/draws
  • highest ran in users history
  • data user joint
  • current streak 10 games
  • name and mail address
  • balance/credits

Main Room

  • list of games
  • cashier link
  • current ranking
  • credibility score
  • ability for user to modify accpunt setting
  • link top 1000 checker players

Checkers Room

  • ability to see all current games in progress and new games
  • real time viewing
  • chat session
  • users in the room and ability to click on user and review their game history and profile
  • display ranking of each user
  • button for user to joit or watch game
  • beside each game, specify if the user is willing to play for free or wager
  • if a game is based on a wager, display he max and min wager
  • ability to chalange the user

Game Creation

  • game timer
  • allow invite feature
  • allow public or private game
  • allow user to specify max and min wager amount or free game

Game play Mode

  • chat session
  • history of all moves
  • allow user to offer draw or forfeit
  • change table type -ability to turn th private messaging off during the gaem play
  • siplay pot amount and potential winnings
  • ability to save the game history


  • withdrawal
  • history
  • add funds

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