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iPhone ebook application THINKaha, a California corporation (located in the heart of Silicon Valley), is a quick2publish book publisher that has the distribution channels of the big guys and the customer service of Nordstrom. THINKaha is a leader in timely, cutting-edge books and mobile applications from relevant experts that provide valuable information in a fun, Twitter-brief format for a fast-paced world.

Business Need

The customer was seeking new ways to increase revenue and grow their publishing business. They needed powerful distribution tool that allow the publisher to maintain contact with eBook buyers through the Internet and mobile devices.

iPhone ebook application


SoloSoft has designed and implemented a solution that consist of the iPhone app, company website and web-based administration platform.

iPhone/iPad client connected via xml to the web back-end that allows the customer to update ebook info at his own, or give permissions for publishers to make updates. Administrator can manage content (add/update/delete ebooks) as well as edit background and template for the iPhone/iPad app.

The following statistics/reports are available:

  • List of users (user name, e-mail (link), downloaded e-books) » sorted by user name
  • List of e-books (Name, price, total number of downloads, total sales revenue) » may be sorted by any column

There is an option to set a date range for reports (last week, last month, last quarter, last year or manual entry).

Once administrator makes all necessary changes, he clicks on "Update Application" button. Instead of waiting on Apple to approve the update as is done with traditional iPhone applications, the updates to the eBook Publishing application go live in real-time thanks to the company's hosted Content Management System.

  • Stand-alone eBooks iPhone/iPad application is available for purchase through the iTunes store and includes a sample book. Customers may download up to 3 ebooks for free. If they like what they read, they can purchase more ebooks.

  • Each time the app is getting synchronized, it checks if new e-books are added.

  • The ebook description/content might be updated over a period of time as publisher will continue to keep adding the content in each ebook.

  • The application will not require registration for the very first ebook opened in eBook iPhone/iPad app by the user, but the registration module can be added to run with the second e-book.

  • All information about registered/unregistered customers (personal data who access what eBook app) is kept on the server

  • Quotes/suggestions will simply display a text stored on the iPhone (along with the book title, description, price, etc)

    iPhone ebook application

    The content for iPhone application is managed via web-based administration tool (content management system).

  • THINKaha companion website operates out of the same database as iPhone application and represents the company in the Internet.

  • Web-based administration tool (content management system) allows authors and publishers to upload, configure, and price their eBooks, and get statistics on their sales.

iPhone ebook application

Once the content is updated via web platform, the updates to both THINKaha iPhone application and Company website go live in real-time.

There is an option to set a date range for reports (last week, last month, last quarter, last year or manual entry):

iPhone ebook application

Tools and Technologies

iPhone SDK including Xcode, iPhone simulator and performance tool

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