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Business Need

Mobile is growing and important way to market your business to new customers. It used to be that everyone needed a web site to market their business. Now every business needs a mobile application. The problem is, hiring a programmer to build an iPhone app can cost thousands of dollars plus monthly hosting fees and weeks in production time.

iPhone application builder

Mobile apps are the hottest new customer acquisition tool and the number of people using iPhones to visit web sites and use apps is growing. According to Internet Retailer, there are more than 60 million smartphone users in the U.S. That's more than double the number from last year. The majority are using iPhones. Netbuiscuits says that just over 57% of all mobile web site traffic comes from Apple products, iPhone and iPod Touch.


SoloSoft has designed and implemented a solution that allows individuals, businesses and corporations to quickly create, customize and manage their own iPhone Application via online application creation engine.

iPhone application builder

Our customers can develop exciting iPhone applications that support text, images, audio, and video, and much, much more - absolutely FREE!

iPhone application builder

Customers will access their accounts via web-based interface whereby they setup and control all the modules and content on their Application.

iPhone application builder

With iBuildApp, all application's content is housed in the company's own database which is why it's able to be updated 'on-the-fly'.


  • No coding necessary » make dynamic changes.
  • Updating the iPhone application without submission to the appstore.
  • Customize the application's colors, images, fonts, etc
  • Display text, photos; embed video, audio, interactive images, slideshows, maps, calendars and more
  • Allow users to update/refresh content on demand.
  • Share applications and opinions through the comments and ratings feature on Projects Gallery page.

iPhone application builder

Once application is created and content is added, it is automatically uploaded to the app store for approval.

Upon approval in the app store, the personalized application will be available to iPhone and iPod touch users via iTunes app store.

If anything ever changes and needs to be updated, the customer simply returns to his iBuildApp account and makes the changes there. Instead of waiting on Apple to approve the update as is done with traditional iPhone applications, the updates to iBuildApp go live in real-time thanks to the company's hosted Content Management System.

Application Functions

Every function is a separate component that can be used in custom iPhone applications.

Not all applications created at iBuildApp share the same functions. Many of them are quite popular, such as the tap-to-call and e-mail functions, while others are only found in some applications, such as a multi-location map and audio streaming. Customers determine which functions are best suited to their needs.

  • Website - display any URL inside of embedded web browser.
  • Custom HTML - create native iPhone page
  • RSS reader - import RSS feed to reach users with fresh content from a blog or website, formatted in a mobile-friendly way
  • Photo Gallery - share photos, display detailed written descriptions of each photo.
  • Video Gallery - upload useful or entertaining video content, display detailed descriptions of each video.
  • Video/Audio Stream - publish live audio stream from a website.
  • YouTube Video - pull existing online video content into mobile application.
  • Events - publish event details including date, title, and description.
  • Facebook - share Facebook wall.
  • Twitter - share Twitter page.
  • Contact Us - includes name, address, phone, email, and website.
  • Call Us - allows users of an application to "tap-to-call"
  • Email Us - allows users of an application to "tap-to-email"
  • Location/Multi-location Map - allows creating an interactive map highlighting one or more locations.

Tools and Technologies

iPhone SDK including Xcode, iPhone simulator and performance tool
Java script, MySQL

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