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Business Card Management System Development


Business Card Management system (BisCard) is created to manage process of creation business cards and generation of source-form in PDF format for printing machines.


  • Database at level employees/company. It allows generation business cards for clients (companies) using their employee database.
  • Supports several business card templates
  • Allows printing business cards on both sides
  • Editing templates online
  • The templates can have:
          - graphic files PNG, JPG, GIF with zoom option
          - user fonts TTF
          - static and dynamic text input
  • Generates PDF source-form with resolution 600 dpi or 1200 dpi in black or color formats.
  • Support several different templates for several types of printing equipment with option to extend the set of templates.

Business Card Management

The system has 3 user roles: admin, user, print manager.

User initiates the process of creation and generation business cards. It imports the database of their employees, selects and edits the business card template online. During the template creation the user can even upload their own corporate graphic files (logos, etc) and fonts. During the editing of the template the user can use additional tools like preview, mapping, etc. Each client in the system can have their own template.

Once all data is entered and template is created user can create printing order by selecting the list of the clients, number of cards on each list (depends on the source-form), type of the cards (one side or both sides) and delivery options. The print manager allows managing orders sent for printing. He/she reviews the list of the orders and selects type of the source-form, resolution of the generated PDF document and performs the generation of the final selected source-form in PDF format. If print manager wants he/she can generate the document in PostScript format.
The final source-form has generated business cards and all necessary printing labels for output cards in paper format. Once the order is completed it's archived and all user actions are recorded for history purposes.

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