Social Networking Portal
for Business Air Travelers

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Development of a social networking portal targeted at Business Air Travelers


The customer is a startup internet services company planning to launch a combination of an on-line booking engine (e.g. Expedia) and a social networking site (e.g. LinkedIn) specifically targeting Business Air Travelers.

Social Networking Portal for Business Air Travelers


The customer chose SoloSoft to implement their internet solution with the following features:

  • Ability for users to create their personal profile
  • Ability for users to create/upload their travel itineraries
  • Ability for users to create/upload their social network.
  • Ability for users to search for other users with similar itineraries.
  • Ability for users to communicate with other users for the purposes of meeting during a trip.
  • Ability for users to perform on-line booking of airline tickets.
  • Ability for users to perform purchase/reservations.

Social Networking Portal for Business

SoloSoft designed and integrated the following modules:

  • Trip management (add, edit, delete, active, inactive, searchable, etc)
  • Social network (download contacts from Outlook, Linkedin, Manually).
  • Connect with users and associate registered users with specific trips.
  • Airline tickets booking engine.
  • Trip Alert

    1. When people in My Network plan trips that coincide with My Trips (traveling to the same city at the same time);

    2. When people in My Network plan trips to my home city;

    3. Before I leave for one of My Trips with a list of contacts who will be at my destination).

Social business Portal

The Benefits

  • The developed solutions supports up to 100,000 registered users.
  • It has an advanced social networking and ticket booking/purchasing services and supports about 10,000 new visitors per day, and option to charge service fees after the Portal will become more popular.
  • SoloSoft solution has low operating costs and can service a large pool of potential customers.


MS Windows Server, IIS, MS SQL Server, ASP.NET, XML, AJAX

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