Energy Saving Solutions Development for Hotel Industry

Energy saving solution for hotels to monitor and manage performance

Intercontinental Hotels Group is one of the largest hotel companies by number of rooms, with 620,000 rooms in over 100 countries around the world. It operates and manages a diverse portfolio of brands across multiple economic segments, including Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts, Crowne Plaza Hotels and Resorts, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express.

Energy Saving Solutions Customer

Business Case to develop the Energy Saving Solution

The idea was to develop an energy saving solution which will help hotel general managers manage energy consumption more effectively.

The Green Management program is intended to answer what is a green hotel as well as what can they do to reduce the energy costs.

Energy Saving Solutions Customer

Energy Saving Solution Overview

The energy saving solution allows hotels to enter environmental data for energy, water and waste on a monthly basis and provides common measures for monitoring and managing environmental performance.

Each Action Group has Prerequisite Actions and Credited Actions, each project team is required to achieve all of the Prerequisite Actions and a number of the Credited Actions to meet the requirements of achieving 45% of the available Green Manage points for both New and Existing Hotels.

Energy Saving Solutions Customer

Using this energy saving solution, general managers at individual properties can enter facility data on site, and compare that data with information entered by peers at similar properties worldwide. Based on a property's data, the system generates a list of recommended actions that hotels can take to minimize waste and reduce their consumption of energy as well as water.

Green Manage has been developed to integrate with existing global sustainability metrics, such as LEED, BREEAM and Green Globes 21. As with the other rating systems Green Manage is a point based metric which establishes both a minimum level of sustainability and outlines opportunities to enhance and exceed this minimum and should be applied to both New and Existing Hotels.

The developed Energy Saving Solution Overview

The content was captured from PDF document, loaded into Alfresco CMS, and then displayed in an intuitive manner via Flex application interface.

The Saving Solution Technologies

J2EE: JBoss, Hibernate, Spring, XJB, Ajax, JavaScript, Jasper Reports, XML/XSLT, Alfresco
Web services: JSP, Servlets, HTTP, AMF, HTTPS, secure AMF, REST, Log4j
Flex: PureMVC, ActionScript 3
IDE: Eclipse, Netbeans, Flex Builder 3
Database: Oracle 10g

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