Hotel Contract Management System
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Hotel Customer

Intercontinental Hotels Group is the largest hotel company by number of rooms, with 620,000 rooms in over 100 countries around the world. It operates a diverse portfolio of brands across multiple economic segments, including Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts, Crowne Plaza Hotels and Resorts, Holiday Inn, and Holiday Inn Express.

Hotel Business Case

IHG needed a global, scalable Hotel Management Software to support the Hotel Life Cycle process for all hotel inventory types (owned, managed, franchised, etc.).
Legacy Hotel Management Software were cumbersome and expensive to maintain; the client often was understaffed for new systems development while feeling the pressure to downsize existing staff. In order to resolve both situations, the client decided to outsource support of the existing systems and re-deploy existing staff to new development.

Hotel Management Software

Solution developed for IHG - Hotel Contract Management Software

SoloSoft assumed responsibility for the hotel management system development. This included responsibilities for maintenance of the production software, problem fixing and hotel reports generation.

The following are some of the systems' features/functionality:

  • Keep all information about hotels in a centralized secure location

  • Provide hotel personnel with 24/7 access to data from across the world

  • Gather and compare statistics, prepare reports on hotel classes, revenues, expenses, popularity

  • Keep track of open and reserved rooms in all hotels, by class, etc

  • Compare performance and expenses of hotels, build ownership diagrams

  • Provide public information about hotels to potential clients all over the world such as hotel names, class, locations, open rooms, costs

  • Assist people in finding most matching hotels for them by location, class, cost, availability, timeframes

  • Provide instant access to information about hotels, owners and employees

  • Allow comparison of hotels, management and company performance

  • Let assign tasks to hotel personnel and keep track of task completion level

  • Calculate and compares revenues generated by hotels in different timeframes, allows tight control over hotel expenses and provides smart software analysis of expense structure

  • Collect and presents other hotel statistics like water quality, various consumptions, etc

  • Check room availability

  • Compare hotels by quality, location and price

  • Request room reservations for specific period

Our team provided development and support of Hotel Management Software for IHG

SoloSoft provided the personnel and project management to maintain and support the mission-critical Hotel Management Software for IHG.

All services complied with client's strict standards for systems development, maintenance and user support.

Hotel Management Software

Hotel Management Software Technologies

J2EE, Hibernate, EJB, REST services, JBoss, Actionscript, Ajax, JavaScript, Jasper Reports, XML/XSLT and Alfresco
IDE: Eclipse, Ant
Database: Oracle 11

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