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Founded in 1994, the customer is a California based mobile application company that specializes in developing innovative software solutions for Android, iPhone and and Windows Desktop.

Business Case

To remain a key player in a highly demanding and competitive mobile development market, the customer needed a reliable offshore partner with extensive experience to help carry out mobile development projects. SoloSoft stepped in and provided the necessary mobile development and porting expertise while saving the client thousands of dollars in extra costs involved in hiring additional engineers to add to their team.

Wireless Development and Porting

Wireless Development and Porting

Development Services

Mobile personal information manager (PIM) was developed
Application features include:

  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Tasks
  • Memos
  • Data Sync
  • full attachment support
  • unlimited POP / IMAP / SMTP email accounts
  • desktop synchronization
  • SMS capability

Mobile Communication Solution for Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile
The application provides a comprehensive selection of call management actions that can be taken in all three areas - before, during and after.

Development was performed in the following areas:

  • Telephony (dial, answer, block, sms, hang up)
  • POOM Implementation (contacts, meetings, appointments, tasks)
  • Incoming Call (GUI, caller information)
  • During Call (GUI, contact filters, mapping, reverse lookup, lock/unlock)
  • Post Call (GUI, logging, edit contact, email/sms, task creation)
  • Options (GUI, call log, enable/disable, personalize, ignore)

Travel application management solution development for Mobile and Desktop
Designed to allow easy and straightforward organization of every important trip related detail, including itineraries, flight and related connections, hotels, rental cars.

Mobile development services included:

  • Converting its data layer from the current ADO CE (on the PPC portion) / Access (on the desktop) to use SQLite on both ends.
  • Implementing licensing on the Windows as well as PPC portions of the solution
  • Desktop to Mobile synchronization

Wireless Development and Porting

Wireless Development and Porting

Porting Projects

Porting a personal information manager (PIM) to Android and iPhone.
The developed PIM provides the user with useful features like detailed contact histories, personal project management, journaling, and the ability to connect Contacts and files (PDFs, images and documents) to Calls, Tasks, and Meetings.

Development and porting a stock quote ticker application to Windows Mobile, iPhone and Android.
The application allows you to create a list of favorite stock quotes, download prices and view their status quickly right on your phone.


Wireless Development Porting

Development and porting an internet search utility to Android and iPhone
The application allows the user to easily search the Web, Mobile sites, Images, Shop, News, Stocks, Maps, Gmail, Groups, Software, Books, and Wikipedia.


Development and porting a tip calculator to Android and iPhone
The application is utility that saves time when it comes to paying the restaurant bill. It saves the effort by calculating the total and displaying the actual tip amount. Additionally, if more than one payer is specified, the total amount is split evenly and each payer's share is displayed.

supported OS

Additional supported OS include:

  • Android 5, 6, 7
  • iPhone iOS 7, 8, 9, 10

Tools and Technologies

Android Studio, xCode

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