SoloSoft Develops a Remote Desktop and Server Administration Manager for RDPDesk startup

Remote Desktop Access Software development for Windows and Mac

Burlingame, CA
July 29, 2015


SoloSoft today announced that it has completed development of a Remote Desktop and Server Administration Manager v 3.1 for technology startup RDPDesk.

RDPDesk's Remote Desktop Connection Manager delivers the most comprehensive remote connection solution allowing system administrators to manage the network environment from one command center.

SoloSoft developed the RDPDesk Remote Desktop Connection Manager for RDP, ICA and VNC protocols for Windows and UNIX platforms. Remote Desktop Connection Manager is what makes a process of accessing vital services fast, easy and efficient. It reduces TCO by savings on software licensing, hardware requirements on the user-end; it saves your time and time of your colleagues. Furthermore it saves money on hardware on the server side since companies don't need to purchase monitors for each of the PCs that can be accessed remotely.

RD connection manager goes further improving the corporate remote connection management efficiency, further saving admins' time and making work more convenient.

RD Connection Manager 3.1 is the latest version of the network administration solution system developed by RDPDesk. RDPDesk 3.1 features:

  • Improved overall User Experience
  • Provided fast and convenient mechanism for switching between sessions
  • Updated RDPDesk documentation is now available via the Help menu
  • The multilingual version (English, European) is available for RDPDesk documentation
  • Added automatic notification of new releases
  • Added the following menus: DOC(online), FaQ, and Support
  • Added support for RDP protocol via freerdp
  • Added support for full screen mode
  • Added the ability to capture remote desktop screenshots when pointing to the active session tab

RDPDesk officially unveiled RD Connection Manager in December 2015.

This is the infrastructure management solution developed by SoloSoft. The company has worked developing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Terminal Server Management for Quest Software since 2007. The commercial version of the RDPDesk software for Windows and Unix will be available by Spring 2016.

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