SoloSoft is US-based Mobile Consulting with Offshore Android and iOS App Developers

Offshore Custom Android and iPhone Development

As the leading mobile application development company, SoloSoft has a very extensive experience in creating thousands android and iPhone mobile apps. We also built many cross-platform mobile applications that work on Android and iPhone without need in any porting. From another side, this huge market share and the required Android multiple device support creates a very big technology issue: a need to port an app to multiple Android versions and devices.

SoloSoft’ extensive Android experience enables us to deliver high quality, compliant and high performance solutions.

Analyze Requirements and Establish Acceptance Criteria

  • Identify Requirements
  • Identify certification suites
  • Establish benchmark suites
  • Define performance metrix

Setup and Validate Target Environment

  • Clarify and setup production and build environments
  • Port simple application to validate project goal

Port JVM and API

  • Port JVM, native method dispatch and native methods for core services
  • Port networking and file system related APIs
  • Check I/O, HTTP and other networking services and file system services
  • Design GUI, Application logic, media and security services

Quality Assurance Testing

  • Test compliance
  • Application Coverage
  • Validate Benchmark goals
  • Analyze components of the system

SoloSoft can help your company to quickly redesign and extend applications to the wireless world for companies with existing enterprise.

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