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Large organizations often have the budget and IT resources to build their own enterprise mobile applications in house. The apps designed in house could be for employees, customers, or both. Most enterprise companies interested to control the mobile environment and especially how their apps are accessed.

Even if most Fortune top 1000 companies want to develop and test enterprise mobile applications in house, their internal IT resources often stretched so much that it would be better to assign them to other organizational projects.


  • Custom development of enterprise mobile applications can bring a number of advantages to the company. Instead of hiring developers to develop and test an app, the company can focus on their main business goals. When an enterprise app is released the IT department must devote a lot of time and resources to support and test the new versions of operating systems and devices.

  • The custom mobile app developers need to clearly demonstrate that it’s a big leverage to use their services and their apps can be deployed quickly and the integration with the enterprise existing systems is easy. That should save the organizations money and resources compared to developing enterprise applications internally.

  • Wireless carriers try to market different services by customizing supported devices and their software. It requires much more work in customization of of J2ME applications for each carrier as well as device.

Java applications need to be tested, modified and possible ported for each supported device from the list. Each wireless phone may have completely different screen sizes, memory and CPU.

It's a good approach in wireless application development to start from high-end devices with big CPU and less API constraints. It would allow to develop proper API usage and application (game) workflows first. As a next phase of development a more advanced porting can be requested to perform memory optimizations and GUI supports.

For example most wireless games are supported by low-end phones as Nokia series 40 which take most of the market. To port graphic-intensive applications from high-end handsets to Series 40 it requires modifying the GUI and changing the application workflow or game play for games.

Wireless carriers determine what phones they will support and what type of services to be offered (data, voice, multimedia, etc). They also provide mCommerce and billing services for mobile content providers and game development companies.

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